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the buzzards were circling in the sky

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How do you use command economy in a sentence?

It has become difficult to create and maintain personal wealth in America due to its increasing move toward becoming a command economy.

How do you use the word command in a sentence?

To command someone to do something means to order them to do it. Require and proclaim are two related words to command. "The lieutenant had to follow the command given to him by his captain."

Can you use command in a sentence?

Here is an example sentence with the word 'command':You can use verbal and sign signals to command your dog to sit and stay.

Does a command economy use ration coupons?

In times of scarcity, a command economy can use rationing, but then, it could be argued that any time rationing is used, that is a form of command economy. In better economic circumstances, command economies just use money. Since a command economy controls how much money everybody has, money then serves almost the same function as a ration coupon.

What economic systems does US use?

The US of A has a mixed economy - a combination of market economy and command economy.

How do you use inquire in a declaritive sentence?

A declaritive sentence is a command.

What would a command sentence be using the word finished?

how would you use the word finished in a command sentence

Can you use the word economy in a sentence?

The U.S. economy is down in the dumps today.

Use economy in a sentence?

Finding work in the present economy can be a difficult task.

What are some examples of a command economy?

Examples of a command economy include: North Korea, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, and other such countries that use socialism or communism. China is not a command economy in that it has adopted market economies in several sectors. Due to this change, China is now considered a mixed economy.

How can you use the word economy in a sentence?

Many believe that our economy is recovering from its latest downturn.

How do you use the word edict in a sentence?

an authoritative order or command

What kind of economic system does a communist government have?

Communist governments use what is known as a command economy. In a command economy, the government owns everything, employs everyone, and makes all economic decisions.

What is a sentence for the word command in it?

i would use the word command in a sentience like this you might say i i trained my dog to listen to me when i give her a command

What countries use command economy?

Some countries include : North Korea and Cuba.

What pictures could you use for command economy?

a government guy doing the stuff, not the people

How do you use Imperativeness in a sentence?

Aquiring the command post was of upmost imperativeness.

How do you use inferior in a sentence?

Though she did not like the command, she was inferior to him and had to oblique.

Why did the former Soviet Union use a command economic system instead of one based on prices?

A command economy was one of the primary principles of communism, so, as a communist state, the Soviet Union felt it was necessary and proper to implement a command economy.

How would you use catalyze in a sentence?

This is how you could use Catalyze in a sentence:'The President's speech Catalyzed the nation and resuuscitated the economy.'

How do you use demand economy in a sentence?

My frugality requires me to demand economy. CEO's and executives are paying close attention to the on-demand economy.

How do you use Mesozoic era in a sentence?

"How do you use Mesozoic era in a sentence." Is a sentence using the words.

How can one use has and an in a sentence?

Yes, this is a sentence with the words "has" and "an".

How do you use export in a sentence?

Their economy depended heavily on export trade.

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