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how do you use diffused in a sentence.

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How do you use the word diffused in a sentence?

'The Wright Brother knew that their aircraft would eventually be diffused into the world'.

How would you use diffused in a sentence?

The direct light emanating from a light bulb is diffused by a light baffle or a lamp shade..

How do you use diffuse in a sentence?

The story will be out in public once it'll be diffused on the news this evening.

How do you put diffuse in a sentence?

I diffused the situation by calming him down.

Why did Rutherford use a vacuum?

because for the charge doesn't diffused

What is the meaning of diffused sunlight?

diffused sunlight is nothing but the splitting of light rays

Why can't you see a diffused reflection?

because a diffused reflection is a invisible wave

What is diffused reflection?

When the rays of light do not follow the laws of reflection, then this type of reflection is called diffused reflection.

What are the release dates for Light Sound Diffused - 1965?

Light Sound Diffused - 1965 was released on: USA: 1965

What is a diffused bulge?

you leave them out you leave them out

What is diffused leadership?

In diffused leadership, leadership is practiced and acknowledged by many throughout the organization, rather than being "locked in" at the top.

Use embalmers in a sentence?

i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence. (there is the sentence)

How can you use exponent in a sentence?

"It is easy to use an exponent in a sentence." There, that sentence uses it!

How do you use carbonate as a sentence?

Here's a sentence: How can I use the word carbonate in a sentence?

Use urbane in a sentence?

Use urbane in a sentence?

How to use Factious in a sentence?

how to use factious in a sentence?

Use repudiate in a sentence?

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How do you use aeronautics in a sentence?

How do you use Aeronautics in a sentence?

Use syllable in a sentence?

Use a syllable in your sentence.

How do you use impetuous in a sentence?

how do you use musketeer in a sentence

How do you use tacked in a sentence?

how do you use tacked in a sentence?

Use discernment in a sentence?

Use discernment in a sentence?

Can you use undulate in a sentence?

can you use undulate in a sentence

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