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the truck driver perniciously ran down that man.

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How do you use the word pernicious in a sentence?

He has pernicious anemia.

How do you use pernicious in a sentence?

Nothing was ever so pernicious to our country, nothing was ever so unlucky.

How do you use the word 'pernicious' in a sentence?

The storm was very pernicious (Destructive) in strength. John was a very pernicious (Spiteful) person. He also had a very pernicious (Evil) nature. His words were pernicious (Malicious) in there content. The heretic teaching of David Koresh was very pernicious to the members of the Branch Davidians Compound.

How do you use pernicious?

The pernicious effects of jealousy.

Sentence for pernicious?

The cult leader's pernicious actions ruined the lives of the young men and women he deceived.

What is a sentence with the word pernicious?

She had always believed that her daughter's new friend was a pernicious influence on her, but she never thought the two of them would end up in prison for decades.The most pernicious aspect of this myth is that it sounds completely plausible.AIDS turned out to be one of the most pernicious diseases ever to afflict mankind.

Where is pernicious pinch on Petpet Park?

Pernicious Pinchit is in Pirate Alley.

What word is a synonym for the word pernicious?

the symnonym of the word pernicious is 'DANGEROUS"

Does Pernicious anemia run in families?

Pernicious anemia seems to run in families

What is the prognosis for pernicious anemia?

Prognosis is generally good for patients with pernicious anemia

Where is pernicious pinchit in pet pet park?

The Pernicious Pinchit is at Tugg Harbor.

Pernicious is it a verb or pronoun?

No, the word 'pernicious' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun as very destructive or harmful.The noun form of the adjective pernicious is perniciousness.

How do you pronounce pernicious?

Pernicious is pronounced Per-nish-us Is means exceedingly harmful

What vitamin is given to treat pernicious anemia?

witch vitamin is given to treat pernicious anemia?

Does pernicious anemia affect the elderly?

Most patients with pernicious anemia are older, usually over 60

Need to know definition of pernicious as found in King James Bible?

pernicious basically means sinful or destructive.

Does a person's sex affect Pernicious anemia?

Pernicious anemia occurs in equal numbers in both men and women

Is pernicious anemia linked to cancer?

An increased risk of stomach cancer has been noted in patients with pernicious anemia

What is the ICD 9 code for combined spinal cord degeneration due to pernicious anemia?

You would use two codes: 281.0 for the underlying disease of pernicious anemia plus 336.2 for subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord.

What has the author John Frederick Wilkinson written?

John Frederick Wilkinson has written: 'Hog's stomach in the treatment of pernicious anaemia' -- subject(s): Treatment, Pernicious anemia 'The importance of familial achlorhydria in the aetiology of pernicious anaemia' -- subject(s): Etiology, Achlorhydria, Pernicious anemia 'Treatment of pernicious anaemia with hog's stomach' -- subject(s): Treatment, Pernicious anemia 'Diseases associated with pernicious anaemia' -- subject(s): Pernicious anemia 'Achrestisk anaemi' -- subject(s): Anemia 'L' Anemie achrestique' -- subject(s): Anemia 'The haemopoietic activity of the human liver' -- subject(s): Anemia, Liver, Aplastic anemia 'The value of hog's stomach in treatment' -- subject(s): Treatment, Pernicious anemia 'Achresthic anaemia' -- subject(s): Anemia

Pernicious anemia cytotoxic or non cytotoxic in which type of hypersensitivity?

generally, pernicious anemia, if autoimmune, is a type 2 hypersensitivity

What signs does Pernicious anemia have?

Signs of pernicious anemia include weakness, sore tongue, bleeding gums, and tingling in the extremities

If you have pernicious anemia can you consume alcohol?


Can you have plastic surgery with pernicious anemia?


Why folic acid alone is contraindicated in pernicious anemia?

The supplementation of Folic acid alone will aggravate the neurological symptoms of Pernicious anemia.