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Copping saws are used primarily for the installation of crown molding. It is required in order to cut the proper corner joints, and is used in conjunction with a miter saw.

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What is a copping saw used for?

A coping saw is used to cut very curved and intricate patterns in thin wood.

What are the use of copping saw?

A copping saw is usually used to cut molding to the same detail as another. For example in stead of cutting a piece of base molding at a 45 degree miter in a corner, you can install one piece of base and then "cope" the other piece to the same detail. Some base board installers argue that this is a faster way of installation.

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If I was cutting curves in wood, I would use a sabre saw or a keyhole saw.If I was cutting curves in wood, I would use a sabre saw or a keyhole saw.

What kind of saws do carpenters use?

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