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When electronic devices, including computers, transmit information back and forth, it is data communication. On a network, data communication allows computers to share files and the internet.

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Q: Uses of data communication
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What are the uses of checksum in data communication?

To ensure the integrity of the transmitted information.

What is wireless communication media?

Wireless communication is a type of communication in which uses infrared and radio frequencies to transfer data to several devices. Wireless communication media is media that facilitates the passing of the data, such as a LAN.

A data communication device which provides interface between a data terminating device and a communication link is called as?

packet switching technology which uses short fixed length

An open standard that uses digital communication of data, and is accepted and used worldwide?


What is the difference between data communication and data communication information2010to2013?

The scope of work and the educational requirements are the difference between data communication and data communication information.

What is a data communication link?

data communication link

Why is data communication important?

How is data communication important?

What are the uses of fiber optic cables?

Optical communication and data transfer. Ornaments-lights,showpieces etc.

What are three uses for infared waves?

Heating. Illumination (night vision) Data communication (remote controls)

What is the purpose of the transmission?

Transmission is used to send data from one place to the other. It is a means of communication, which uses a transmitter to send out information through a communication channel.

What is scrambling in data communication?

to secure analog data is called scrambling in data communication

What is a open standard that uses digital communication of data and is accepted and used worldwide?

The generic name of such a standard is a "protocol".

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