Uses of liquid in a young cocnut?

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DO a Cocnut have roots?

no they grow on trees

Is cocnut ice Australian?

no it is cunan

What exactly is coconut milk?

cocnut milk is the tasty liquid inside coconuts. it is used in cooking Indian and thai dishes. hopes this helps. x x x

Is a cocnut a fruit or vegetable?

Neither. It is a seed...

What are the uses triple?

# to sold the paper to liquid # to clammers # to saperate to liquid-liquid

What company uses the word liquid in their logo?

Sunlight liquid

How do you get the potion in the cocnut on poptropica?

climb the tree next to the tomb

Discuss six uses of the liquid limit and plastic limit?

Discuss six uses of the liquid limit & plastic limit

What is the difference between a liquid and an air thermometer?

liquid thermometer measures the lowest temperature while air thermometer measures the lowest temperature of the day. liquid uses liquid and air uses air.

Saturated fats are usually found in?

cocnut oil and animal product

Does the coqui get its name from the cocnut it eats?

No it gets its name from the sound it makes.

What is another word for cocnut fiber?

what is another word for coconut fibre

Why liquid can not have young modulus of elasticity?

Because liquid is not malleable and ductile.

Is millimeter used as liquid volume?

no, for liquid, one uses "millilitre" as in ml

Where is liquid ammonia used?

There are many uses with ammonia. We use liquid in refregirators.

How do you spell cocnut?


What is the meaing of Kiran?

the meaning of kiran is one kind of cocnut tree in kerala

How big is a Komodo Dragon brain?

the size of a cocnut but even they are smart still

What is crygenic engine?

A liquid-fuel rocket or a liquid rocket is a rocket with an engine that uses propellants in liquid form.

Type of monitor that uses a liquid?


How does liquid plus a solid turn into a gas?

It uses a format called liquid gas

How are hydraulics and pneumatics the same?

One uses a liquid, one uses air. not the same

Is a giant cocnut crab a reptile?

Crabs are decapod crustaceans of the infraorder Brachyura - and are not reptiles.

What are the uses for beryllium as a liquid?

Liquid beryllium has no known apllications today, excepting of course the metallurgy of Be.

What type of engien uses the space shuttle?

Liquid oxygen and liquid Hydrogen. Very explosive!