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Reforming is the process used to increase the total volume of gasoline that can be produced from a barrel of crude oil. Refining is the process of turning the crude oil into components for other uses.

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What is coke in petroleum?

Petroleum coke (Pet coke or petcoke) is a carbonaceous solid that is derived from oil refinery coker units or other cracking processes. It is over 90% carbon.

What is the difference between refineries and petrochemical plants?

A refinery processes crude oil into different components such as kerosene, gasoline, diesel, LPG (light petroleum gases), etc. A petrochemical plant is a chemical plant that will use a petroleum based feedstock, such as LPG or other products from a petroleum refinery to produce a chemical product, such as plastics for example.

What is a facility that turns petroleum into gasoline and other products?


What are some other words for structure?

Refinery, fortification, compound.

What is St Croix known for?

I am Cruzan (from St. Croix) and we are know our refinery named Hovensa which is the world's largest refinery on an island. And the world's second largest refinery(other than the one in Pakistan) We are known for our Cruzan Rum

What is Factory where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products?


What is the verb form to the word refinery?

The verb form of refinery is refine.Other verbs are refines, refining and refined."We are refining the wine"."All the stocks have been refined".

Factories where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products are called?


What is a factory where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products by heating is?

A refinery...

Why is chemistry useful?

Chemistry is useful in understanding matter. Many industrial processes utilize chemistry knowledge, and these include textile (bleaching and dyeing of fabrics), mining (metal extraction), pharmaceutical, food, oil refinery, tannery and many other industries.

What is it called when a factory where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products by heating?


A factory where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products by heating is called?


Why there is a flame of fire always on the top of refineries?

The refinery is burning "offgas" or lighter components such as methane, ethane, propane, and butane that are trapped in the crude oil as it enters the refinery. Many refineries today use these components as fuel for heaters and other processes and/or sell these gaseous products in the form of LPG. This requires a large centrifugal compressor which is a very high capitol cost, which is why some refineries still burn the gas in flares.

Where does Safeway buy their gasoline?

From the refinery distribution point closest to the station. Just like all the other stations.

What two processes need heat to happen?

Evaporation and sublimation (there are lots of other processes, too)

What do you do in an oil refinery?

Crude oil gets turned into other petroleum products that are more useful in society, gasoline ASO.

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Both processes begin with similar events, including chromosome replication.

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In Carnot & Stirling cycle there were 2 isothermal processes. but in Stirling engine other 2 processes are constant volume processes whereas in Carnot other 2 processes are isentropic processes. Stirling engine has low maintenance and easy to built because of there construction. Both cycle's efficiencies near to same. but operating according to there applications.

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Currently, Hydrogen is produced commercially by reforming natural gas or other fossil fuels. The remaining gases are vented and the hydrogen remains.

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Biochemistry is the general process. The specific processes are called bio-enzymatic-conversion.

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