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Sulfuric acid is the electrolyte used forlead-acid batteries (accumulators)
Sulfuric acid is used in the production of fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate (sulfate of ammonia), (NH4)2SO4, and superphosphate,
Sulfuric acid is used to clean oxides from iron or steel prior to galvanising or electroplating
Concentrated sulfuric acid (18M) is used as a dehydrating agent

Sulfuric acid is also used for drying neutral and acidic gases such as N2, O2, CO2 and SO2

Sulfuric acid suck water out of carbohydrates and other organic compounds that contain oxygen and hydrogen.
Sulfuric acid is used in the production of nitroglycerine, an inorganic ester & organic nitrate,
It is also used as a vasodilator, a substance that dilates blood vessels and can be used in the treatment of certain types of Heart disease:

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Q: Uses of sulfuric acid
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What are important uses of sulfuric acid in textile industry?

i want to know uses of sulfuric acid in textile industry.

What is the uses of sulfuric dioxide?

It is usually used to create sulfuric acid for industrial uses.

What are the uses of sulfate?

The uses are to combine, treat, or impregnate with sulfuric acid.

Difference between fuming sulfuric acid and sulfuric acid?

Fuming sulfuric acid is sulfuric acid that contains added sulfur trioxide,so3.

Is sulfuric acid acidic or basic?

ACID. sulfuric ACID. :))

What is the percent sulfuric acid in concentrated sulfuric acid?

Concentrated sulfuric acid has 98 % H2SO4.

What does sulfuric acid do to limestone?

Sulfuric acid degrades

Where is sulfuric acid found in fertilizers?

Sulfuric acid

What is formula for sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid is H2SO4

Is sulfuric acid a reagent or not?

Sulfuric acid is a reagent.

What is the formula of sulfuric acid is .?

Sulfuric acid is H2SO4

Is sulfuric acid or base?

Sulfuric Acid is a powerful acid and not a base.

Is battery acid the same as sulfuric acid?

Yes. Battery acid is sulfuric acid.

Will sulfuric acid corrode copper?

Concentrated sulfuric acid might, but dilute sulfuric acid does not corrode copper.

What do you get when you mix nitric acid with sulfuric acis?

A mixture of nitric acid and sulfuric acid. Nitric acid and sulfuric acid do not react with each other.

Is sulfuric acid a electrolyte?

Yes, sulfuric acid is a strong electrolyte (acid).

Why is Concentrated sulfuric acid a weaker acid compared to dilute sulfuric acid?

Concentrated sulfuric acid has sulfuric acid molecules where dilute sulfuric acid has sulfate ions and hydrogen ions. Water in the diluted solution acts as the ionization medium.

What is the formula for sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid formula is: H2SO4

Is sulfuric acid explosive?

Commercial Sulfuric acid is not explosive

Formula for sulfuric acid?

The formula for sulfuric acid is H2SO4

Sulfuric acid symbol?

the symbol of sulfuric acid is: H2SO4

Is there sulfuric acid in Gatorade?

No, sulfuric acid is toxic and caustic.

Where do you find sulfuric acid?

you find sulfuric acid in space

Does sulfuric acid have oxygen in it?

yes sulfuric acid is H2O4

What salts does sulfuric acid make?

Sulfuric acid is H2SO4.