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VE day Date?

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May 8, 1945

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Q: VE day Date?
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Date of VE day?

May 8, 1945

How many people were at VE day?

All that survived the war to that date

When is VE day in World War 2?

That date is May 8, 1945.

What is the date of victory day in World War 2?

VE Day Europe was May 07,1945 VJ Day Japan was Aug 14, 1945

What did do on VE day?

on VE day you would have a street party

What do the inititals VE stand for in VE Day?

VE means "Victory in Europe"

What does VE stand for in VE Day?

victory in Europe

What date did the allies take over Germany?

VE-Day should be the official date that allies take over Germany which is on 8 May 1945.

Why is ve day important?

"VE DAY" stands for Victory in Eroupe this was the day the war in eroupe ended

Why was VE day important to World War 2?

Yes, VE Day was the day that Germany finally surrendered.

How long after D-Day did VE-Day occur?

VE-Day was approximately 349 days after D-day.

What happened on VE day?

VE day is Victory in Europe day, the Allies won the second world war in Europe.

When was VE day?

Victory in Europe (VE) Day occured on May 8, 1945.8 May 1945

Can you ve a date of nag panchami in 1991?

what was the date of nag panchami in1991

What happened on v-e-day and what was the date?

VE Day on the 8th May, 1945 was the day the Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

What is VE Day may 8th 1945?

VE Day marks the victory of the allied forces other Nazi Germany.

How was VE day celebrated?

how was V.E day celebrated

Did VJ day come first?

No. VE Day did.

What does VE mean in the World War 2?

Victory over Europe. VE DayVJ Day was the day of Victory over Japan.

What exact date did World War 2 end in England?

May 8th 1945 VE Day, the end of the war in Europe, & VJ day was August 15th 1945

What location was ve day?

Europe. The VE stands for "victory in Europe". Hope this helps!

Why was their a VE after World War 2?

Because the allies had a VE day to celebrate their victory

When is VE day?

May 8th

What did they eat for VE day?

you poo

What day was ve-day?

Tuesday 8th of May 1945