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Faulty ChipI'm afraid you have a faulty chip in the computer. Leave it alone and it actually may eventually stop. It thinks your gas level is low.
2011-09-13 16:04:30
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What does the temperature light on a vw beetle mean?

If it is for the older air cooled engines, it means you are running hot and running hot means no oil.

How do you reset the computer on an 04 VW beetle?

This is a dealership issue. You'll have to take it in.

How do you reset the computer on 2000 vw beetle?

Ctrl, Alt, Del twice

How can a 2004 VW beetle bug computer be reset?

To reset the ECM on a 2004 VW Beetle an diagnostic tool should be used. Plugging the unit directly to the diagnostic tool will allow a user to directly reset the computer.

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as long as you take car of it, forever... I have a 68 running strong.

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You do not have the reset the computer. It's memory is stored just like a home computer and is not lost when power is removed.

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You have to take it to a dealer. Something about you can fry the computer if you do it wrong.

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inside the top of the dashboard, on the drivers side

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Most likely burnt out bulb.

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