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you mean valet parking dont they take away your car if you valet parking on the blue??? ^_^


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general robert e lee said it

Insurance companies or the police might find either driver at fault or both. It could be said that the person opening their door should have checked first. It could also be said that the person coming into the space was driving too fast or watched for people opening their door.

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Technically it would be your fault as you are not supposed to put parts of your car into the path of a car. Having said this, no accident is ever 100% someone's fault. In Wisconsin you are 10% at fault just for being there.As the answer above stated, it is your responsibility to look for oncoming cars before opening your door. The only situation in which there may be an exception to this is if you were in a parking lot and the other car pulled in beside you after you had already begun opening your door.

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Technically it would be the fault of the person opening the door. You are not supposed to put parts of your car into the path of a car. Having said this, no accident is ever 100% someone's fault. In Wisconsin you are 10% at fault just for being there.

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