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Q: Value OF gunsmith restored w-good untouched stock wards western field model EJN 750 243 cal SAKO l57 no 2544 action completely restored original post type weaver scope K4 60c marked us pat no 294981?
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Can a felon be a gunsmith?

Generally speaking, no. A felon cannot legally own or have access to guns, so a felon would not be able to work as a gunsmith legally. If the person has had his rights restored, then yes, he could work as a gunsmith.

When will the PSN be fixed?

Its actually been completely restored now :)

Who restored mission soledad?

I would imagine the Catholic Diocese of Montery where it is located. There is a chapel and a museum but hasn't been completely restored.

What happened to the figures from Easter Island in 1978?

They were restored to their original condition

What is a backroll?

A backroll is a state of being reverted or restored to an original position.

If you use recovery media discs will your computer be restored to its original state or the state it was in when the discs were burnt?

It will be in its original state.

Are the caryatids on the Museum of Science and Industry the originals?

Yes. They have been restored, but they are original.

Why were many Americans tired of Reconstruction by the mid-1870s?

The southern economy was completely restored.

When platinum is heated then cooled to its original state is a physical change?

physical change, because the platinum is restored to its original state.

Can the statue of liberty be restored back to its original color?

Yes it can be with a lot of Virginie and your mom!!!!!

You are an original owner of a 1968 California Special and would like to sale it It is all original and has been restored. About what should the asking price be?


A Sentence using the word origanal?

- He only buys original games (original here means genuine)- The tenant restored the house to its original condition just before moving out.

M1 carbine value?

It depends when it was made, if it has all original parts, if it was ever restored, and if it was beat up.

How much is a restored 1981 trans am valued at?

It could vary, how well it was restored, what it was restored with, how much if it is still original. For example, if the stock paint color said (example: Candy Apple Red) and you had it custom painted black with super cool flames, the value drops. If you have looked at restored cars, some say "MATCHING NUMBERS" which means it was repalced with the original part, which keeps the value higher. Modifying stocj parts could go both ways, if you have an original Pontiac 400 motor, and you bore it out, it could still go for the same cause its the original motor. After market motors, though nice, might not appeal to people who want the car original.

How rare is a 66 gto with a 389 tripower with seventeen thousand miles all matching numbers and completely restored?


How is conductive hearing loss treated by doctors?

Conductive hearing loss can almost always be restored to some degree, if not completely.

M1 Carbine--Quality Hardware---Value?

It depends on if it has all original parts, if it is beat up, and if it was ever restored.

What is the value of a 1957 colt 25 cal has been professionally restored in original box?

50-500 usd

Is the origInal climax community in an ecosystem more likely to be restored after a natural disturbance or a human-caused disturbance?


Is the 'Mona Lisa' in the Louvre a print while the original is being restored Is this the reason why it can be photographed right now?

The original is displayed. It is protected from the light of camera flashes which is detrimental.

Where can you find the VIN number on a completely restored 1956 Ford Fairlane?

It should be found attached to the left front body pillar.

What is Alphonse Elric's height in his restored body?

depends, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood or fullmetal alchemist the original series, or in the manga

Can a felon vote in Minnesota?

If you have COMPLETELY discharged all of your sentence and meet certain other qualifications you MAY be eligible to have your voting rights restored.

Can you delete blackra1n?

Yes, when you finish installing it, it has a bar on the bottom that says, "Uninstall Blackra1n". Just click that and your iTouch/Phone is completely restored.

When you restore from recycle bin where can you access the restored data?

If you hover over the folder/file, it will tell you the original location, that's where you can access it.