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Value of 1801 one cent liberty coin?


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Holy Cow! You have a rare Draped Bust Large Cent - if this coin was minted in 1801 and it is in good condition (G4), its value is: $75-$250.00

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A average 1903 Liberty Head 5 cent coin in collectible condition has retail values of $1.00-$3.00

Hmm... "Liberty one cent"? Im not sure if there is a coin like that.MoreALL American coins have the word LIBERTY or a picture of Miss Liberty on them. Your coin, like all other cents minted since mid-1909, is called a Lincoln cent. There's more information at the Related Question.

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Please be more specific a date helps a lot

wild guess but I'll say 50 cents

In order to give an accurate estimate, the coin should be seen. I suggest you take it to a coin dealer and have it appraised.

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the worth value of the liberty dollar coin is worth 50cents.

No, there isn't a .75 cent value of a US coin. However, there are coins that are equal to $1.00 value.

Check that coin again. Lincoln is on the 1 cent coin; Jefferson is on the 5 cent coin.

Please check your coin again. Wheat cents were made from 1909 to 1958. A half-dollar sized cent dated 1851 is a Large Cent or Liberty cent.

The value of a 1922 Canadian 5 cent coin is (if in good condition) $0.20.

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Such a coin does not exist. The first Australian 2 cent coin was issued in 1966.

Assuming the coin has no problems and has never been cleaned .... well-worn = $50 lightly worn = $700 uncirculated = $3,000 or more

The coin is a Three-Cent piece made of copper-nickel and depending on the date and condition of the coin it may have a value of $20.00 to $100.00 or more.

The coin is a 1866 3 cent-piece. Circulated examples have values of $12.00 to $35.00 depending on condition.

6-29-11>>> Retail value of a 1910 Liberty Head nickel is $3.00-$5.00 for a average circulated coin.

$1. It is not gold, and was not made in 1801. It is a modern coin worth only the face value.

No there as never been a U.S. coin with a 75 cent face value.

There was no Royal Wedding 20 cent coin issued.

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