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The name of the tea set is called Dragonware. I am not sure of the value since I do not know if your set is complete. But hopefully having the name of the set will help you in your search.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-11 07:54:11
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Q: Value of dragon set geisha girl tea set?
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What is value of dragon tea set with the image of a geisha on the bottom of the cup when held up to the light with no markings of any kind?

The tea set is called 'Dragonware'. The value of it depends on whether or not it is authentic, and how many complete pieces of the entire set you have.

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What is the value of a tea set with marks on the plate that look like lower case cursive 'r' and a house-like marking under it and the image of a geisha on the bottom of the cup when held up to light?

dragonware is the name of it, i belive...

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