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How do you demultiplex address and data bus?

In order to demultiplex the address and data bus, you provide latches that sample the multiplexed bus. At ALE=true, they follow the bus. At ALE=falling edge, they lock onto the last value of the bus. The latches will then become the address bus, while the original bus becomes the data bus.

What is a bus fault?

When a fault occurs in the electric bus (electric lines and intersections) due to short circuit between the phases or between 1 or more phase and ground, the current value mounts up to a very high value, which is known as bus fault current. This high value of current may cause damages to the transformers and could also rupture the other electric lines connected to the bus.

What is the value of a Winfield Bus Service token?

$2, this is a standard set price of any bus token/transit slip in bc

What is slack bus?

A PU bus in the power system which has the constant voltage value and is connected to a generator. The extra required energy or excess energy in the power system is managed by connected generator to this bus.

What customary unit would measure a school bus?

Length, width, or height of the school bus . . . foot, inch Weight of the school bus . . . pound, ton Value of the school bus . . . US Dollar, Liberian Dollar, or Burmese Kyat. Temperature of the school bus . . . degree Fahrenheit

What is a function of ale in 8085 architecture?

The ALE pin in the 8085 is used to latch the multiplexed low-order address value from the address/data bus AD0-AD7.The bus becomes valid for address sometime in the middle of ALE. Setup and hold time is guaranteed on the falling edge of ALE, and external logic is expected to latch that value. Somewhat after ALE - about a quarter clock cycle - the bus becomes the data bus and either floats for a read, or drives the data value for a write.

On the bus or in the bus?

On the bus means that you are on top of the bus. In the bus means that you are inside the bus.

What does Bus Mean?

Bus a bus is a bus that you ride on.

A violation of passing a stopped school bus has a point value of?

Passing a stopped school bus is illegal in all states. The point penalty is usually five points and a 250 to 450 dollar fine.

Is bus an adjective?

No, bus is a noun (a bus) and a verb (to bus).

What are two other names for the system bus?

System bus, memory bus, front side bus (FSB), host bus, local bus, or external bus.

What number school buses have at cub run elementary school peen laird?

bus 159 bus 209 bus 35 bus 96 bus 186 bus 207 bus 153 bus 176 bus 226

What is 'bus' the shortening for?


What is heavier a bus or an elephant?


Should be in bus or on bus?

On bus Because in bus doesnot sound rite (;

What is the meaning of 0FH in 8086 microprocessor?

0FH is a literal constant for the integer value 15. In the 8086/8088, as an opcode, it is the lock prefix, which means that no other CPU or bus master can take the bus during the execution of the instruction.

What are two other names for the system bus in computer?


What is a system bus?

The bus between the CPU and memory on the motherboard. Also called the memory bus, front-side bus, local bus, or host bus.

How do you say you travel by bus in Spanish?

Viajar en bus = to travel by bus. viajo en bus = I travel by bus

Who is bus?

bus is the most fast bus on earth

Is it 'on the bus' or ''in the bus'?

Both are correct, with different meaning. On the bus means "taking a bus trip." In the bus means "actually inside the bus."

What four types of buses might be on a motherboard today?

The 4 types are address, data, expansion and video bus. There are three types of buses used on a motherboard: 1. data bus 2. address bus 3. control bus --- Data bus, System bus, Front side bus (FSB), and Host Bus --- The system bus, the PCI Express bus, the PCI bus, the AGP bus, and the outdated ISA bus. --- Front side bus (CPU to northbridge) Graphics Bus (Northbridge To Video Card) Memory Bus (Northbridge to Memory) Internal Bus (Northbridge to Sotuhbridge) PCI Bus (Southbridge to PCI expansion slots).

What are two other names for a system bus?

Two other names for the system bus are: the front side bus and the memory bus.Answer; The PCI bus, and the PCI express bus

Define a system bus in a PC?

The bus between the CPU and memory on the motherboard. Also called the memory bus, front-side bus, local bus, or host bus.

What are address bus n data bus?

the address bus is a 8 bit data bus , and this is a unidirectional bus ,,it takes a lower address data the data bus is a 16 bit data bus ,, and this is a bi directional bus ,, it take a higher data ,,