Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens height?

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according to celebhieghts 5'1" and 1/2

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What is vannesa hudgens height?

Vanessa Hudgens height?

Height of Vanessa Hudgens?

Vanessa hudgens is 5 foot 2 inch:)

What is Vanessa Hudgens height?


What height is Vanessa Hudgens?

vanessa is 5ft 3 inches

Whats Vanessa Hudgens height?

156 cm

Is vanessa anne hudgens tall or short fo her age?

no shes perfectly fine at her height that's why zac efron loves her!

Height of Stella hudgens?

5' xoxo stellie hudgens

What is Vanessa Hudgens weight in kilogram?

vanessa is my twin as many of u might of course NOT know that she has, but i am not a popstar YET anyway but i WILL be, and she weighs 57,6 kg, and that's a healthy normal thin weight for her height 164 cm:))

What is venessa hudgens height?

5 ft4

What is Vanessa Hudgens's height and weight?

vanessa's height is 5'2......

What vanessa hudgen's height?


What is Vanessa Anne Hudgens's height?

She's 5ft 1.5

What is vanessa villela height?

She is 1,64 cm or 5'4 1/2

What size of pants does Vanessa Hudgens wear?

I know Vanessa and her weight always goes up and down her height is 5ft 2 and three fourths so about 5ft3 and she weighs and stays between 110lbs and 120lbs her jean size is 25 which is in some states same size as a juniors 5. Hope this is helpful and she wears medium shirts so a bra size 34 B waist measurement is 24 in

What is Vanessa Hudgens measurements?

As her best friend I know all the dets lol her height is 5ft 2 and 3/4 so many people just say she is 5ft 3 her bra is a 34 B her waist is 24 in and her hips are 34 in. Vanessa has the perfect hour glass figure for a petite figure but her clothes sizes aren't as small as you think because Vanessa has to make room for her toned legs so her jeans size is a 3 or 5 juniors she is far from that 0. I love her to death she is an amazing role model. She stays healthy and tries not to get too thin. Her bmi has never been under 19. Perfect!!

How tall is una healy?

Una Healy from the "Saturdays" 5'9, she stated in an interview, after they were jokingly taking the mic out of The Saturdays "Ness Ness" Vanessa White's height.

High School Musica play?

we don't now if here is more height school musica coues zac in 17 again ans vanessa is in band slam but we do hope so that there is more HSM woooohhhh

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