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Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 16v alternator over charging - any ideas?


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there a little box on the back of your alternator called a regulator it needs replacing get it from your local scrappy

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Check that the alternator and the power steering don't work of the same belt.

The alternator may not be charging. Take it to your local auto parts store and have the charging system tested.

had the same problem,eventually the rev counter stop working as well,look on vauxhall forum and advised to change alternator,did this and problem solved.

It could be that it's charging OK and you've got some kind of electrical load drawing the battery down when the key is off. If a charging system analysis confirms that it is not charging, then you've got to go back to the alternator and start there. Use your multimeter to BE ABSOLUTELY SURE it is putting out 13.8 volts. I seen them put out 12 volts, which will keep the charging light out but not replenish the battery. If that's ok, go over all the wiring with a fire tooth comb. Any corrosion? Any partially broken wires? Is the voltage regulator contained in the battery or is on the fender wall? Does your charging indicator come on when you turn the key to RUN without starting the engine?

Yes i have a steering problem with a SRI V6 Vectra that is on 1999V. Its a strange issue where the tracing changes on its own. If you go around a left turn quite hard the steering will be straight. If you go around a right turn sharp then the steering will be half a turn out. When the steering is out the car still drives fine with no wobbles and doesnt pull anywhere. Have all the track rod ends etc checked, seems ok! Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Jay

The battery light isn't an indicator that the battery is always bad. What the light should really be is a picture of an alternator, but most people wouldn't recognize that. Have the alternator checked off the vehicle to make sure it is good, then have it checked on the vehicle, (many places like Auto Zone do this for free). If it's not charging on the vehicle, you could have an alternator fuse bad or your car might even have an inline fuse between the alternator and battery. Many Ford products have a large fusible link between the alternator and battery, and if it's bad, there is no power going to the battery from the alternator. Good Luck!!!!

corsa c window wipers working but parking in uprite positin any ideas

You probably have a bad battery. You probably have a bad battery.

May have just failed and need to be replaced.Also,fitting none vauxhall radio/stereo can cause failure due to incompatibility. Try this==on later models display can sometimes be reset by removing fuse #24 for 5 seconds then refitting,this will entail re-entering the radio code,may work for you?

FYI - I had a bad alternator. Apparently, a failed alternator may/can/will cause the battery AND brake warning lamps to come on. Alternator has been replaced, and all warning lamps cleared.

The line fuse for the cigarette lighter Vauxhall Zafira is usually located between center electrode and the shell of the lighter jack.

Many auto parts stores will test your battery and charging system for you for zip if you can get the car there. Have it tested so you don't buy parts you don't need.

I had the alternator looked at i had the startr looked at I think it is a security thing but cannot place the problem ne ideas......

12volt regulator on alternator is blown, causing high output from alternator and could have blown the input circuitry of your fuel injection computer.

Check for proper operation of alternator and battery, if thay are proper; check for parasitic drain.

Check the fuel filter if the cars battery and alternator is good it might be the lack of fuel that is bogging the car down. My advice to you would be to check or replace the fuel filter.

low dip beam faaliure means you need to replace the bulbs. They may have blown when alternator went up.

Bad alternator? May have short, will still charge, but drains the battery when sitting. Just as a test, take one of the battery cables off at night and see if the battery stays charged. Might be bad battery even though new. Hood light that's not shuting off? Brake switch not shutting off? Have you checked the altermator to make sure it's charging 14 amps. May be weak and only charging enough to keep the truck running with nothing left to charge the battery. Out of ideas

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