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This may be fuel starvation,it caused lots of carb.engined vauxhalls to mysteriously stop in the 90's.This costs pence to do so nothing lost if it doesn't help this time.For some reason as the float closed off the needle valve,the fuel flowed at full pressure back to the tank and the pipe was starved. Look near the cambox for a egg-cup sized plastic vessel (the swirl pot).There is three fuel pipes on it. one "in"from the fuel pump. One "out" to the carb. And the angled one on the top is the excess fuel return.Remove this pipe from the swirl pot and insert a bit of metal bar with a 1mm hole through the middle.This just has to be a tight fit,about 7mm dia and 12mm long.It restricts the return enough to stop the starvation problem.Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 09:18:52
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Q: Vauxhall cavalier 1990 gl carb model keeps stalling at low revs Tried changing idle pick-up now ticks over 1000 Will run fine for a while then cuts out at traffic lights etc Changed plugs and air filt?
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