Venus' name means

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Venus was named after the roman god of love and beauty.

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You mean Goddess of love and Beauty
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Named After Venus The Roman Goddess Of Love And Beauty

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Q: Venus' name means
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Related questions

What does the name Venus mean?

Venus means 'the Goddess of Love."

What the name of Venus means?

Venus- named after the roman goddess of love for being pretty

Where the name Venus rertived from?

Venus means "charm" in archaic Latin.

What name means love?

Venus - Roman myth name for goddess of love.

What is the origin name of Venus?

Venus was the name of the Roman goddess of love. It is equal to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and it means love or sexual desire in Latin.

What is the Greek Goddess Venus's other name?

Venus is the name of the goddess of love in Roman Mythology. Aphrodite is the goddess of love in Greek Mythology. Venus has no other name in Roman Mythology. There are epithets given to Venus that are used along with her name to describe aspects of her role or influence. For example, Venus Felix, which means Lucky Venus and Venus Libertina, which means Venus the Freedwoman. There are many of the epithets used to speak of Venus. For a full list and further detail about these see the related links.

The Romans name for Venus'?

the roman name for venus is venus. in Greece it is aphrodite.

What does Aphrodite's roman name mean?

well the answer to your question is the same as the greek name which she is the goddess of love, but her name also means foam. venus is her roman name

What is the birth name of Brenda Venus?

Brenda Venus's birth name is Brenda Gabrielle Venus.

What is french name of Venus'?

There is no French name, they call her by the same name; Venus.

What is Sailor Venus' Name?

Sailor Venus's name is Mina.

Name of cupid's mother?

the name of cupid's mother is venus for more info on venus visit her websitethe name of cupid's mother is venus for more info on venus visit her website

What is the god of Venus name?


What is the real name for Venus's?


Where does the name venus come from?

Because Venus was the brightest planet in the sky, the Romans named it Venus. Venus was the name of the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

Where did the name for Venus come from?

Venus (or Aphrodite, Venus's Greek name) is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venus looked beautiful to the astronomers who named it.

What is the greek and Roman name of Venus's?

Venus is the roman name for Aphrodite.

What another name for the planet Venus?

Another name for Venus is Aphrodite

What is the mythological name of Venus's?

Venus was the Roman name for the goddess of beauty.

Full name of Venus from land of Venus?

her name is Hope Well

What is the name of the volcano found on Venus?

The name of Venus's Volcano is Maat Mons.

What is the namesake of Venus's?

The name Venus comes from the name of a Roman god or goddess

How the planet got its name?

Venus got its name from the goddess of love Venus

What is the Latin name for Venus?

Venus IS her Latin name, Aphrodite her Greek counterpart.

Where did planet Venus get its name?

The planet Venus got its name from the Greek goddess.