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Violent shaking from an earthquake can cause soil and rock on slopes to fail and cause a landslide

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Q: Violent shaking from an earthquake can cause soil and rock on slopes to move and cause a?
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Violent shaking from an earthquake can cause soil and rock on slopes to fail and cause a?


Voilent shaking from an earthquake can cause soil and rock on slopes to fail and cause a?


What is the process in which shaking causes soil to act like a liquid?

Violent shaking can cause certain soils to flow. The shaking results from a nearby earthquake.

What connections are their between earthquake and tsunami?

Earthquakes are natural phenomena that cause a sudden and violent shaking of the ground. An earthquake at sea often causes a tsunami, which is a big tidal wave.

What does the shaking of an earthquake cause on hillsides?

it causes land slides

Sudden stress changes in the earth that cause ground shaking?


Why is there noise with an earthquake?

The movment does cause the rattle of buildings shaking as well.

What is the probable cause of heart shake?

violent storm shaking the living tree

Energy released by fault movement forms this?

The energy released by fault movement forms seismic waves. These waves then cause an earthquake and is felt as a sudden and violent shaking of the Earth's surface.

What is the cause of earthquake danger in California?

An earthquakes danger is caused by the ground shaking. The ground shaking can cause buildings to collapse, gas lines to break, and Tsunami's.

Does shaking of the earth cause any damage?

Yes. A shaking of the earth is call an earthquake. In some cases earthquakes can be absolutely devastating.

What kinds of damage are cause by the severe shaking of an earthquake?

deaths, tradegys, illnesses, damage

What is the disease that causes the body to start shaking?

There are several different diseases which can cause the body to start shaking. If the shaking is particularly violent, this could be epilepsy. A less violent shaking could be Parkinson's disease. But there are several other possibilities. Factors such as cold, nervousness, or fatigue can also result in shaking of various kinds.

What are the ways that earthquakes can cause damage?

the four ways an earthquake can cause damage is by shaking,liquefaction,aftershocks,or tsunamis.

Can a baby get shaken baby syndrome from earthquake?

No. The type of shaking in an earthquake is not the same as the type needed to cause shaken baby syndrome.

An earthquake that is very strong or to violent will cause what in the ground?

It will cause the crust to weaken up. This will cause loss of life and property on it.

Why tsunami happened in Japan?

The tsunami in Japan occurred because when the tectonic plates under ground move they cause an earthquake. Sometimes an earthquake can cause a tsunami from shaking underwater.

What types of damages do earthquakes cause?

Causes of earthquake damage includes Shaking, Liquefaction, Aftershocks, and Tsunamis

What is an earthquake?

An earthquake is when the tectonic plates move across each other, this will cause the floor to shake and rumble meaning everything will collapse beacause of the shaking

How does earthquake cause landslide?

Earthquakes cause shaking that causes soil, rocks to slide down a mountain side. The longer the earthquake the more likely there will be large landslides. Volcanoes can also cause landslides when they erupt.

What is the most likely cause of violent steering wheel and front end shaking at 45-65 mph shaking goes away after getting to 70mph?

That is typically a wheel balance problem.

Do earthquakes cause volcanoes to erupt?

i think so because if a earthquake is close to a volcano the the shaking from a earthquake will put a crack in the volcano lava chamber and then the volcano erupt.

Where do earthquakes cause the most damage?

Earthquakes cause the most damage where there is more infrastructure that can be damaged, building codes are not strong, and the shaking is strongest due to proximity to the earthquake's epicenter and the geology of the area (some geological features of the ground absorb/lessen the intensity of earthquake shaking more than others).

Will back rotors cause shaking to?

If they are warped they can cause shaking when braking.

What causes the ground to shake during an earthquake?

The P-waves and S-waves spread out away from the epicenter and cause movement (Shaking).