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pneumotrophic. It has to do with the lungs.

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The first passageway of the respiratory portion of the respiratory tract is what?

respiratory bronchiole

What is the function of the respiratory center?

its in the respiratory

What is cardio-respiratory?


What respiratory gas regulates respiratory activity?

CO2 levels determine respiratory drive.

How is the work of the respiratory system related to the respiratory system?

The answer is in the question BOTH are the respiratory system.

What is respiratory decompensation?

acute respiratory failure.

Where is the respiratory system?

our respiratory system is in our body

Do hookworms have a respiratory system?

no, they do not have a respiratory system

What is the process of cardio-respiratory?

Answer please?

Is TB a heart or respiratory diseases?


What is a respiratory specialist called?

Respiratory Therapist

The respiratory system deals with what?

Breathing! Respiratory system includes airways, lungs, & respiratory muscles.

What are the respiratory areas?

The components of the respiratory areas are widely scattered throughout the pons and medulla oblongata. Two parts of the respiratory areas are of special interest: the respiratory center of the medulla and the respiratory group of the pons.

What are the sign and symptoms of respiratory arrest?

complete shut down of the respiratory system. respiratory arrest is the ultimate result of prolonged respiratory failure. respiratory arrest usually results in cardiac arrest. (in children)

If there is respiratory therapist aide?

There are Respiratory Therapists, Respiratory Nurses, and Respiratory Therapy Technicians. However, I have never heard of a Respiratory Aide, and the U.S. Department of Labor does not list it within their occupational handbook. The closest to the aide type of position would be the Respiratory Therapy Technician who operates under the direction of the Respiratory Therapist and/or the Physician.

Frog respiratory system?

The frog's respiratory system has three respiratory surfaces on its body. The frog uses these respiratory systems on its skin to exchange gas with its surroundings.

What is the difference between respiratory distress and respiratory arrest?

When someone has respiratory distress it is difficult for them to breathe. When someone has respiratory arrest they stop breathing all together.

Is cycling good for your respiratory system how?

cycling it is good for the respiratory system cycling it is good for the respiratory system

What is the respiratory disease?

There is no single respiratory disease. There are hundreds of respiratory diseases, including lung cancer and emphysema.

What are respiratory sensors?

Respiratory sensors. Respiratory sensors monitor oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output.

Where does the respiratory zone of the lungs begin?

respiratory bronchioles

Explain what is meant by respiratory precautions?

respiratory Precautions

What divides the upper respiratory from the lower respiratory?

The larynx

What is a monkey respiratory system?

the respiratory system in a monk3y

Does red algae have a respiratory system?

no respiratory system