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Virsad gujarat India?


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Yes Virsad is in Gujarat located at 22 deg. 23 min.N and 72 deg. 46 min E


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No Gujarat is not in south India, It is in north India.

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Gandhinagar is the capital of the state of Gujarat in India.

Gandhinagar is the capital of the state of Gujarat in India.

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The mango is the state tree of Gujarat, India. In India it is also known as the amba.

Rajkot Gujarat INDIARajkot, located in Gujarat

Gujarat, India - 75,686 square miles.

The death toll of the 2001 Gujarat earthquake in India was approximately 20,000.

it is in the Gujarat area of India.

The provincial Capital city of Gujarat is Gandhinagar, Republic of India.

The state tree of Gujarat, Republic of India is the Mango tree.

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Homai Vyarawalla was born on December 9, 1913, in Navsari, Gujarat, British India [now Navsari, Gujarat, India].

Address:RC DUTT ROAD,, ALKAPURI, Vadodara - 390005Gujarat-INDIA. 1. RC DUTT ROAD,, ALKAPURI, Vadodara - 390005Gujarat-INDIA.2. RAILWAY STATION, Vadodara - 390005Gujarat-INDIA.3. TNW SHOPPING CENTRE,, OLD PADRA ROAD, Vadodara - 390005Gujarat-INDIA.4. JAMNABAI HOSPITAL,, MANDVI, Vadodara - 390017Gujarat-INDIA.5. ESI POLICE QUARTER,PRATAP ROAD, PRAGATINAGAR, VadodaraGujarat-INDIA.6. OPP. JAMNABAI HOSPITAL,MANDVI, Vadodara - 390017Gujarat-INDIA.To see complete list check the following link: -

The state bird of Gujarat, Republic of India is the The Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus).

The state flower of Gujarat, Republic of India is the Marigold (Galgota) or the (Tagetes erecta).

Gujarat, India does not have one postal code for the entire city. There are over 200 postal codes for Gujarat. One postal code for the Kadi area of Gujarat is 382715.

Gujarat:One of India's first most industrialized statesGujarat controls some of the largest businesses in IndiaOver 20% of the S&P CNX 500 conglomerates have corporate offices in Gujarat.As per RBI report, in year 2006-07, 26% out of total bank finance in India was in Gujarat.

A person from the state of Gujarat in India.

Ramapir Temple is in Gujarat, India.

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