Volkswagen replacement keys

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Here's a little information about this.

1. Most often miss understood is programing. Programing the button REMOTE portion of the key is simple and referred to as matching.

You do need 2 keys. You must be able to lock the drivers door and have the red led alarm light next to the lock button blink. If it does not blink, the alarm does not know the door is closed and will not go into matching mode. Put one key in the ignition switch, turn on, do not start engine. Close the door, use 2nd key, turn door lock and hold in lock position for 10 seconds. Release key to neutral position.

Press a button on the remote, within 2 seconds press the same button again, the turn signal lights will flash,

this indicates your remote matches the car system and is now recognized. Unlock door remove key from ignition.

So don't pay extra 99 cents to $5 for these instructions in hopes of getting the KEY to function with the car.

Instructions are only for the keyless remote, not the key.

2. If you've lost/broken both keys, and if you have the black tag that came with your car manuals, you can order another from a dealer.

3. Link for replacement or lost keys.

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Q: Volkswagen replacement keys
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