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Volkswagen replacement keys?

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Here's a little information about this.

1. Most often miss understood is programing. Programing the button REMOTE portion of the key is simple and referred to as matching.

You do need 2 keys. You must be able to lock the drivers door and have the red led alarm light next to the lock button blink. If it does not blink, the alarm does not know the door is closed and will not go into matching mode. Put one key in the ignition switch, turn on, do not start engine. Close the door, use 2nd key, turn door lock and hold in lock position for 10 seconds. Release key to neutral position.

Press a button on the remote, within 2 seconds press the same button again, the turn signal lights will flash,

this indicates your remote matches the car system and is now recognized. Unlock door remove key from ignition.

So don't pay extra 99 cents to $5 for these instructions in hopes of getting the KEY to function with the car.

Instructions are only for the keyless remote, not the key.

2. If you've lost/broken both keys, and if you have the black tag that came with your car manuals, you can order another from a dealer.

3. Link for replacement or lost keys.

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How do you get replacement car keys?

The dealer or a locksmith.

Where to get replacement keys for Peugeot?

off eBay or your pug dealer!depends if you have a transponder in the keys!

What store sells replacement car keys?

If you purchased your car new from a dealer, it is best to visit them and have your keys re-cut. If this isn't the case, you can purchase replacement keys online at iKeyless or visit a local locksmith.

Do you have to pay for your boss's keys if you lose them?

If you mean the keys to a business, then the management usually has insurance to cover the replacement cost of keys and locks.

Where should you go keys replacement?

The dealership (if it is one of those keys which require a coded chip reprogram).

Where do you get replacement keys for a 1993 buick lesabre?

Dealer? Locksmith?

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How much does laser cutting keys cost?

Laser cut replacement keys typically cost between £5 - £10

How do you find a replacement key for a Sport 20-sv by sears?

Replacement keys are available in-store or online for a small fee.

What does replacement Ford Taurus keys cost?

how much and were do you get a replacement key for a ford tarus 2003 it was the only key i had that got lost

What can you do if you lost your ignition keys to a 1978 Honda Accord?

Lost ignition keys for newer vehicles can be obtained from the vehicle dealership. Lost keys for a 1978 Honda Accord will require the replacement of the ignition.

Where do you get 2001 Daewoo laganza replacement keys?

You can order cut replacement keys through the Daewoo Motor America website at You must include the complete Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in order to determine the correct key code.

I can't open my Brinks home safe boxI misplaced the keys and the battery is deadWhat do I do?

You can order replacement keys from the Brinks website, or contact a local locksmith.

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How do you take the radio out of a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle?

You need special "keys" to get them out. Take it to a dealer and they will probably use there tools to take it out for free.

How do you open a honeywell safe if you lost the keys?

You can order a replacement key from Honeywell at the related link below.

How do you reset the remote on a jetta?

The answer for your question is in the car guide, the one you should have when you bought the car. I think that it says you have to bring the keys into a Volkswagen dealer.

Can you order a replacement ACE key from Chicago Lock Company?

Duplicates and replacement keys can be ordered from Chicago Lock Company. What you will need is the model number of the lock and a key can be shipped to you.

Where can one get replacement car keys?

Many stores will provide car keys to be molded. This will save a person when they've lost their key or locked it into their own car. These stores are called locksmiths.

Where can I find replacement Keys for dodge sprinter?

The key are only available from a Dealer. They also have "chips" in them and need programmed.

Lost keys to ignition 1994 chrysler town and country van?

Call local dealer or locksmith for replacement.

Where can you buy replacement heel caps?

Your local shoe shop. Sometimes the guys who cut keys do cobbling too.

How do you get replacement key for 2004 Chevrolet Impala?

My key Bork off in my trunk

How do you program a transponder key for a Volkswagen?

The Dealership and a properly equipped locksmith can program these keys for you using specialty equipment. Such machines include: T-Code, MVP, Transponder Key Originator (TKO), etc... If you are computer savvy, go to for the 2000 to 2005 keys, for 2006 to 2011 keys, see your VW dealer

Where can one acquire a car replacement key?

Car replacement keys are available from the dealership from which you purchased your car. Buying a replacement key for your car can be very expensive if your car requires a key that has a computer inside for locking and unlocking the car doors.