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The first match of volleyball was in 1895 and it was played in Holyoke,Massachusetts,USA The first beach volleyball mach was played in 1915 and it was played in the Pacific Palisades,California,USA

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When was math first created?

math was created when time began

From where did the word 'friendship' begin?

it began when the world was created when life began

Who created folk music?

No one knows who created it, but, when settlers began coming to North America,they began to spread the concept of folk music

What year was the M16 created?

Production began in 1960.

When did boxing the sport begin who created it?

boxing began in the mid 50s and rocky balboa created it

When was history created?

History was created the second the world began(6 thousand years ago)

What year was Bert and Ernie created?

They began with Sesame Street in 1969.

When was astro boy created?

The Character Astro boy was created in 1951 in the manga 'Captin Atom' The entire Francise was created/began in 1952

When and where did judo begin?

Judo began in Japan. It was created from Jujutsu in 1882. Jigoro Kano created it to be an international sport.

When was the first atomic bomb created?

Bombs actually began way back in the Chinese age when the Chinese began using fireworks as mobile artillery.

In what year did bingo began?

The famous and popular game "Bingo" was created in 1931.

When was Saints football created?

The organization began in new Orleans back in 1967.

Who began apple computers?

Steve Jobs He created Apple computers and Macontosh

Muslime's view of how the world began?

god created the world in 7 days and the first people he created were Adam and eve.

What were some of the major names when rock n roll began?

rock and roll began during the years of 1954 and 1955 rocket 88 first created it.

How did melodrama originate?

Melodrama began in 1066 in the 18th century it was created by Charles Easdown .

When did life first happen?

Life first began in Genesis, where God created the universe.

Who created the Republic government?

It began in Roman Empire. Plato has written in his treatise on Republic.

How did Basketball began?

James Naismith was a phys-ed teacher and he created this game for his students.

What word has the same meaning as born?

The synonyms for born (birth) are created, began, or engendered.

When did the study of the probability began?

it was created in 1964 and it was greattt bahhht :P peace out my niggwars

Where did they created Google at?

It actually began as a smaller site under the Stanford University website

What year did colt 38 bankers special began?

The Colt Banker's special was created on the police positive frame. It began in 1928 & ran to 1943. About 35,000 were made.

When did the Hinduism started?

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the entire world. It began as sonn as the world was created

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