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listen....all voltage at the fuel pump needs to be 12 volts. period. u may have 7.25 to 7.5 volts reading at the fuel level gauge sending unit. all pumps require 12 volts to operate

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Q: Voltage reading at the quick disconnect from the electrical harness to the fuel pump is 7.5V Where is the location of the fuel pump relay in a 1996 Mazda MX6?
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It screws into the exhaust and plugs into the electrical harness.It screws into the exhaust and plugs into the electrical harness.

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The harness for the transmission speed sensors is on the transmission.

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I wonder if the harness is faulty or the sensor and or gauge. First consult the wiring diagram.. I check ground on the harness first. Are there other electrical problems, possibly related to the same electrical issue? As for the pressure sensor, check for voltage, or, if you remove the wire feeding the sensor and ground it, with someone watching the gauge for movement. If you see movement at the gauge, the fault is the sensor. If no movement run a temporary line and bypass the harness. If this is successful, make plans to change that temporary title to permanent. Needless to say, harness changing is daunting and unneccesary.

Fuel pump location 2004 ford explorer?

first you have to drop the gas tank disconnect the wiring harness the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank once you have the tank down it is easy to remove.

How do you replace the 2002 Buick LeSabre driver side door mirror?

Remove upper door trim panel using tool J38778 to pry out the retainer at the top. Lift the upper door trim panel in order to remove. Disconnect the wire harness from the tweeter. Remove the insulator (triangle shaped piece) Remove the door trim panel to gain access to the power mirror wire harness Disconnect wire harness electrical connector Disconnect wire harness from retainer clips Remove wire harness fasteners Remove mirror from door Pull wire harness through hole in the door Source Service Manual 2002 Buick Page 8-977

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How do you disconnect the wire harness on a fuel pump?

You don't say what car, but most have a detachable connector

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They are under the cover on the top of the engine. The one that says 24 valve. Each spark plug has its own ignition coil. Be careful when unplugging the electrical harness from these coils, as the harness is known for becoming brittle and having connection issues.

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Sitting in the passenger seat remove the glove box on top you will see two screw and a wire clip harness your resistor will be there. Make sure that when working on any electrical disconnect your battery.

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If you are replacing an O2 sensor with a new one, disconnect the electrical plug from the vehicle harness, cut the wires off at the old O2 sensor, slip a 7/8" box wrench over the O2 sensor and remove it by turning it counterclockwise. Install the new O2 sensor using a 7/8" open end wrench, tighten it as you would a spark plug, reconnect the electrical plug into the vehicle harness, done.