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Volts are a measure of what characteristic of electricity?

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== == Volts are a measure of electrical "pressure" differential.

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Volts are a mesurement of what characteristic of electricity?

Volts are the measure of Eletro motive force. (EMF)

In electricity what does volts measure?


How many volts is equal to one ampere?

Volts and amperes measure different electrical qualities. Volts is a measure of energy supplied. Since this is in home electricity you are probably using 110 volts. Amperes is a measure of current or draw of a device. They are not equivalent.

What is the term for a unit of electricity for kids?

There are different units for electricity, depending on what you want to measure; for example: volts to measure voltage amperes to measure current watts to measure power etc.

What is the definition of 'volts'?

Volts are the measure of electrical force or pressure that causes current to flow in a circuit. This is related directly to electricity. Voltage is also measured in volts.

What kind of unit of electricty do american use Watts or volts?

American use both watts and volts to measure units of electricity.

The volt is the unit of measurement for?

Electricity! Actually just saying "electricity" is an enormous oversimplification. Watts and amperes measure aspects of electricity as well. Volts are a measure of Electro Motor Force or EMF.

How do you convert volts to watts?

Volts cannot be directly converted into watts as they measure different aspects of electricity. Volts must be multiplied by the number of amps to determine the number of watts.

Which is a characteristic of static electricity?

Which is a characteristic of static electricity

What is a measure of the electric power an appliance uses?

The watt is the unit of power. For electricity, watts = volts x amps.

How do electricians measure electricity vaules?

Volts, amperes, watts and ohms. pressure (or force), current, energy, and resistance.

How do you calculate watts into volts?

Amperes measure the rate of flow of electricity in a conductor Volts measure electrical pressure Watts measure the amount of energy or work that can be done by Amperes and Volts Relationship: Work = Pressure x Flow or Watts = Volts x Amperes When you know two variables you can calculate the other Formulas - This formula referred to as the West Virginia Formula (W - VA)Watts = Volts x Amps Volts = Watts / Amps Amps - Watts / Volts Refer to link below for more information

What do mean by 220 volt current?

220 volts means the power behind the electricity. current means the speed at which the electricity is being transmitted. currecnt is measure in amperes.

How many volts of electricity in a single human cell?

.7 volts

Can electricity hold 440000 volts of electricity?

Sure. Electricity can hold any amount of electricity.

What is the effects of being shocked by 13200 volts of electricity?

The effects of being shocked by 13200 volts of electricity is probably death.

Electrical energy is measured in?

The energy is measured in watts. Volts and amps are also used to measure different properties of electricity, but only watts is a valid measure of electrical energy.

What unit of measurement is most used to measure electricity?

The watt or kilowatt (1000 watts) for power, volts for potential difference, amps for current

Is The Abbreviation 400kฮฉ stands for 400000 volts?

I believe the symbol you used, the "omega" stands for ohms, a measure of resistance in electricity and electrical work.

What voltage of electricity is used for domestic electricity in nigeria?

240 volts

Can electricity be measure?

Yes. Some common measurements are Volts which measure electro-motive force, or EMF. This is the 'strength' of the electricity. Another measurement is Amperes, which is a measure of current flow, which is the amount of electricity flowing, just like current in a river. Power is the ability of electricity to do work, and is obtained by multiplying EMF times current. Power can be rated in watts, kilowatts, joules, and so forth. By the way, Volts and Amperes are capitalized because they are named after real people. Same with deciBel, which is 1/10 of a Bel, which was named after Alexander Bell, the inventor of the telephone.

Why do you measure electricity in volts and amps?

Because they are different characteristics. If you'd compare electricity to water, Volts would be the pressure, and Amps would be the flow. So you can have high pressure but little flow - like a water pistol. Or you can have high flow and little pressure - like upending a bucket.

How many volts of electricity can be generated when you shock somebody with static electricity?

The minimum is somewhere around 10000 volts, the max is many million.

Cars use how many volts of electricity?

A car battery has usually 12 volts.

Why are volts needed?

Volts are the "electromotive force" that is needed to "drive" the electricity through the wiring.