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how much water can a dam hold back before braking?

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Is the Hoover dam the largest dam in America?

No it is not. The largest dam in the US is the Fort Peck dam, about 40x the volume of Hoover, and 10x the volume of Grand Coulee (which a previous answer incorrectly said was the largest dam in the US).

Largest dam of pakistan?

Tarbela Dam is the largest dam in Pakistan. In fact, it is the largest earthen dam in the world and second largest by volume.

What is the biggest dam in the word?

The tallest dam in the world is the Nurek Dam in Tajikistan at 980 feet high. In terms of volume of water the Three Gorges Dam in China is the largest.

How much does the Buffalo Bill Dam weigh?

There isn't an exact wight given for the Buffalo Bill Dam in Wyoming. It is a concrete arch-gravity dam and was built with a volume of 82,900 cubic yards (63,400 m3) of concrete. The total volume of dam construction materials is 87,515.00 cu yd (does not include spillway structure).

Who is largest dam in Pakistan?

Currently operational? The Jari Dam at 84 meters, completed in 1967. the Tarbela Dam is the largest earth filled dam in the world and is second largest by the structural volume. The Mirani Dam is the largest dam in the world in terms of volume for flood protection. There are several damn projects currently under construction or in pre-planning stages so the above will change at some point in the near future.

What is the name of the largest dam in Kenya?

Kenya's largest dam, the Turkwel, has a height of 153 m, and retains a water volume of 1,641,000,000 m³.

What is the diameters and kilometers?

By unit of volume and conversion ,we can say that 1 km =100 dam * * * * * That is true, but a dam is NOT a diameter! A diameter is not a measure of distance.

Is turkwel dam the largest in Kenya?

Kenya's largest dam, the Turkwel, has a height of 153 m, and retains a water volume of 1,641,000,000 m³.

What is the biggest reservoir in the US?

By volume, it would be the Lake Mean reservoir at the Hoover Dam, with a nominal volume of 37.2968 km³.

Which is Kenyas largest dam turkwel or kihansi?

Kenya's largest dam, the Turkwel, has a height of 153 m, and retains a water volume of 1,641,000,000 m³.

Is Hoover dam the largest dam in America?

No The Fort Peck Dam is the largest dam in the US. It's only 1/3 the height, but much longer (nearly four miles long compared to Hoover's 1/3 of a mile), and has a total volume of over 30 times that of Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam is a different type of dam than Fort Peck Dam, but still, they're not even close.

The amount of power that can be generated by a hydroelectric dam would be most dependent on which two factors?

The volume of water going over the dam and the distance the water falls

The is the volume of flow of the ice harbor dam?

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How do you determine the weight density of the Hoover Dam?

measure the width at several heights, the thickness at several heights and from The summation of these measurements compute the volume of the dam. The weight density must be adjusted to reflect the weight of the Steel in the dam relative to the concrete.

What things can be measured in liters?

Volume is measured in liters, the volume of a dam is measured in Megaliters, the volume of a teaspoon is measured in milliliters, the volume of a regular sized juice container from a store like Aldi or Jewel Osco is measured in liters.

How many dams in pakistan in which cities?

Akhori Dam Donhngi Dam Ghazi Barotha Dam Gomal Dam Gomal Zam Dam Hub Dam Kalabagh Dam Karoonjhar Dam Khanpur Dam Mangla Dam Mirani Dam Shakidor Dam Simly Dam Tarbela Dam

How many dams are in New York?

Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power ProjectBoyds Corner DamCannonsville DamCroton DamCuba Lake DamCuddebackville DamConklingville DamDownsville DamEast Sidney DamFederal DamGilboa DamJamesville DamKensico DamMarcy DamMerrian DamMount Morris DamNeversink DamOlivebridge DamRushford Lake DamStewart's DamSullivanville Dam

What dam is the largest concrete structure in the US?

The largest concrete structure in the U S is Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state. Not as tall as Hoover Dam, but it is 5223 feet across the top. Compared to 1244 feet for Hoover. Hoover Dam has a volume of 3,250,000 cubic yards. Grand Coulee has a volume of 11,975,520. Power generation, Grand Coulee is 7079 MW. Making it the sixth largest producer in the world. Hoover's production is 2050KW. Ranking it at 36 world wide.

What are the dams of Pakistan?

List of reservoirs and dams in Pakistan• Diamer-Bhasha Dam• Gomal Zam Dam Project• Hub Dam• Kalabagh Dam• Karoonjhar Dam• Mangla Dam• Mirani Dam• Namal Dam• Rawal Dam• Shadikor Dam• Tarbela Dam• Warsak Dam

List of dams in Pakistan?

List of Dams in Pakistan:Dohngi DamDhok Tallian Lake DamGhazi Barotha DamGomal DamHub DamKaroonjhar DamKhanpur DamKurram Tangi DamMangla DamMirani DamMisriot DamRawal lake DamSabakzai DamShakidor DamSimly DamTanaza DamTarbela DamWarsak DamList of Barrages in Pakistan:Chashma BarrageGuddu BarrageJinnah BarrageKotri BarrageLittel BarrageSukkur BarrageTaunsa BarrageU/C DamsDiamer-Bhasha DamGomal Zam DamHingol DamSatpara DamApproved DamsKurram Tangi DamMunda DamNaulang DamSanjwal DamProposed DamsAkhori DamKalabagh DamNai Gaj DamSkardu DamSukleji DamWinder Dam

What are the examples of multipurpose river projects in Africa?

Aswan high dam Akasombo dam Inga dam Hendrink dam Kariba dam Cabara dam Kiira dam Kainji dam

What is the dam on the Tennessee River?

There are several dams on the Tennessee River including Fort Loudoun Dam, Watts Bar Dam, Chickamauga Dam, Nickajack Dam, Guntersville Dam, Wheeler Dam, Wilson Dam, Pickwick Landing Dam and Kentucky Dam.

What is the unit used t measure the capacity of a dam?

It makes sense to use a unit of volume, such as cubic meter, or liter.

What type of dam is the aswan dam?

The Aswan dam is an embankment dam.

What is the Dam joke?

One time a Dam man went to drink the Dam water. He was all out of Dam water so he went and got his Dam bucket to fill it up with Dam water from the Dam well. His Dam well was empty, so he went to another Dam man to get Dam water. He asked the Dam man," Can I have some Dam water, Please?" The Dam man Replied, "Get your own Dam water!"

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