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Vw jetta dashboard warning light and flashing signal of a red oil stick in water what does that mean?


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that light indicates that you're vehicle is low on water. the big white sphere container at the top right of you're engine is the water resivoir. if the vehicle is warmed up then make sure the water level is up to the "MAX" line indicated on the resivoir tank.


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On the Jetta, the dashboard warning light with a circle and a box above it is indicating that there is a problem with the battery. This light also indicates a burned out bulb in the headlamps, taillights, or blinkers.

Vw jetta 2000 dashboard warning light is red similar to a sailboat symbol. What does this mean?

Its integrated in the hazard switch in the center of the dashboard.

The 1997 VW Jetta turn signal relay switch can be found beneath the driver's side dashboard. You can get to the turn signal relay switch by simply looking above the brake pedal.

brake light flashing on 2002 jetta tdi

When mine flashes it means that the coolant level is low.

One or both of you keys lost their Configuration. Go to the dealer

The tire pressure warning light on a 2008 VW Jetta City , parenthesis enclosing an exclamation point, can be reset once the pressure is restored. Press the set button on the dashboard.

DashboardWorn shocks or struts, dashboard is loose (try moving it)

What does abs button do in a 2001 vw jetta

Just lets you know the outside temperature is below 40 degrees! This is a warning as some bridges and overpasses can actually become icy at that temperature.

Check fuel cap: Illuminates when the fuel cap may not be properly installed. Continued driving with this light on may cause the Service engine soon warning light to come on.

Also known as CEL (Check Engine Light). Common reason is aloose fuel tank cap,after refueling. Tighen cap, after a few restarts it may autoclear. The same with cylinder misfiring or bad gas. If it persists should have the code cleared (atozone) and find out te eal reason. Google Check Engine light codes for Jetta.

if you mean WHERE are the 2007 jetta warning lights.. they are on the dash board... near the air conditioning vent. just push the red triangle button.

There are several things that can cause your 2006 VW Jetta not to crank over or start. The flashing of the PRNDL display would indicate the antitheft system has been activated.

I have a 2000 Jetta...my turn signal relay is located behind my hazard button on the dash. !! The hazard signal has been recalled and those who have replaced it already will be reimbursed by vw

It's just a warning light that there may be icy conditions on the road.

You can reset the brake warning lights, on your VW Jetta, by backing up 20 feet and using the brakes. The automobile will sense the new pads and the warning light will go off.

Under the dashboard, a relay "box" that plugs into the fuse panel

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