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What is the cpt code for bilateral tubal ligation with filshie clips?


Need cpt code for laparoscopic sterilization with filshie clips?

58671-50 occlusion of oviducts by device

Can filshie clips come untied?

Yes they can mine has

What is a filshie clip?

Filshie clips are small titainium clips that are a half inch long and about an eighth inch wide. The are placed on fallopian tubes to "tie" the tubes and achieve sterility. This process is often know as tubal occlusion.

Can you get pregnant when you have filshie clips?

Not through consumption no. If you put it in your vagina and it has spermatozoa on it, then still, probably not.

What is the HCPCs code for breast implant?

HCPCs Code for breast implant- L8600

What is the corresponding hcpcs level ii code for hcpcs level you code 96360?


Surgical clips used in tubal ligation surgery?

I am sure there are plenty of different kinds. I am a medical transcriptionist and the most common clips used at my hospital are Filshie clips. Hope that helps you!

What is HCPCS code E1399?

It is the MISC code.

Is a HCPCS code used for inpatients?


What is the medical code for nasal prosthesis?

HCPCS code L8047

What is the CPT code for Clonidine Hydrochloride Oral tablet?

For an oral tablet of clonidine hydrochloride, there is not a CPT code, so you would need to use the HCPCS code. The correct HCPCS code is J8499 .

HCPCS code for Lidocaine patches?


What is the HCPCS code for leg amputation?


What is the the medical billing code 00830 for?

In the HCPCS code list, anesthesia.

When is a hcpcs code not used?

Inpatient services for one.

What is hcpcs code for floseal?

HCPC's for Flo Seal?

What is the HCPCS CPT code for a wheelchair ramp?


What is a HCPCS code assigned to report a surgical tray?


Hcpcs code for patient received life sustaining oxygen in amblance during transport to hospital?

hcpcs code for patient receiced life sustaining oxygen in amblance during transport to hospital

What does medical code A9270 mean?

Medical code A9270 is a HCPCS code, and the description is a noncovered supply or services.

What is a j code in medical billing?

J codes are HCPCS drug codes

An example of a medicare HCPCS code number is?

Alpha numeric, containing letters & numbers

What letter is at the beginning of a code that represents the medication codes in the HCPCS book?

i dot know.....

How much is a Spinal-Stim bone growth stimulator cost?

OL1000 hcpcs code E0747 = $4200.00 AND SPINALOGIC hcpcs code E0748 = $5250.00 billed to Medicare Part B and Secondary Insurance on 10-27-11.