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When one says they want to reboot themselves it means they want to start afresh. This means they have examined their life and feel they should improve in order to become better.

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What is a word that means to better yourself?

better myself

Is rebooting a computer safe?

Yes. "Rebooting" means to reload the Operating System from scratch. This happens every time you swithch you computer off and then restart it.

What does yo me llamo mean in English?

It means i call myself... me llaman means they call me. llaman = they call me= me(myself) "me (myself) they call"

What the difference between I believe myself and I believe in myself?

There is a big difference in the terms, I believe myself and I believe in myself. I believe myself means that you believe something that you have said or stated. I believe in myself means that you believe in your ability to achieve something.

What is the difference between mich and mir in German?

Mich means myself. If a person is talking about doing something to themselves, like I wash myself or I comb my hair, mich would be used.Mir means to me. If a person is talking about doing something to or for someone else, mir is used. For example, give me the book.

What is reboot your modem or browser?

Rebooting the modem or browser is to restart them. It means to restart their functionality again to troubleshoot.

What does outclassed mean on Mafia Wars?

It means the person you attacked had better defenses (i.e. better equipment) than you.

What is the spanish word for myself?

"Myself" is "yo mismo", which literally means "I the same".

What does the name Kaity means?

it means that you are the most awesome person in the world. it's way better then the name kaitlyn.

What does selling yourself short mean?

It means you are much better tallented, skilled or just a better person than you say you are.

What do you mean by you couldn't have love me better?

it means that you did such a good job loving the person that you cud not have done better, unless it is sarcasm.

What does the question what could be better than mean?

"What could be better than" means a person thinks there's nothing better than what they just stated.

What does patronize mean when a person thinks they are better than you?

It means they are treating you kindly out of pity for you.

What is the means of teacher?

the meaning of teacher is a person how helps you to learn and helps you to get a better future

What does beside myself mean?

It means worried!

What does su a sidel?

Means kill myself

What does it mean 7ali?

"7ail" means myself

What to do before rebooting a computer?

close any opened programs. the term reboot really means restart so a program can finish installing or uninstalling

What does the french word m'habille mean?

it means to get dressed or dress myself. the direct translation (Me Habille but you put in the apostrophe so that the word flows better) is me dressing.

Why isnt bulying a problem?

1) Everybody will meet bullies over the course of their life. Learning how to deal with them early-on means that a person will be better-prepared to deal with the real world. 2) Bullying toughens people up. I never bothered to get in shape or learn to defend myself until I was beaten to a pulp by a bully. Now I am in good shape, and I can handle myself in a fight.

Whats the meaning of you make the world a better place by making yourself a better person?

This quote means that in order to make a change happen in the world you have to first make yourself a better person. Your welcome and I hope that helped : ) -from anonymous

How do you say 'we love you' in Danish?

You say "vi elsker dig" if you are talking to one person. You say "vi elsker jer" if you are talking to more than one person. "We" means "Vi" "Love" means "Elsker" "You" means "dig" or " jer" I am danish myself, so I should know it.

What does I love you more than myself mean?

it means that you love the other person more than you love yourself.sentence: i love you more than myself my darling.thanks for asking!

What does what you seem to be be really mean?

This quote by Benjamin Franklin means if you want to change don't act like it be it. if you were trying to be a better person you shouldn't act better you should BE better

What does kmsl means in texting?

killing myself laughing

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