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What is 21.59 in fraction form?

21.59 = 2159/100 (improper fraction) = 2159/100 (mixed number)

Do you need to file 1099 copy 1 in state of Georgia?

Only if GA state tax was withheld. Google "G-1003" and the details can be found with this form.

If you live in Georgia but work in Alabama which state tax form should you file?

i go to school and work in ala but my home is in ga. i filed my taxes with turbotax. do I still have to file with ala

What does ga stand for in state form?


How do you Paper File your PA State Tax Return?

There is a form that you are required to file when you paper file your PA state tax return.

If I work in Georgia and live in Florida do I pay Georgia state tax?

I am not positive about this answer, but It depends on what you buy, I guess, and you will pay Florida taxes for home, etc.I THINK!!!!!! I AM NOT 100% SURENO, it has nothing to do with what you BUY. It has to do with payroll law! Reciprocity falls on where you work. If you work in Georgia and live in Florida, YES you have to withhold state tax for Georgia. Your employer should have automatically set you up to withhold Georgia tax. When you fill out the state tax form with Georgia (at the end of the year when you file your taxes), classify that you are a "NON-RESIDENT" for the state of Georgia, since you live in Florida.

When you file for the federal tax refund do you file the state tax refund separately or on the same form 1040 with schedule a?

When you file for the federal tax refund, you will file the state tax refund on the same 1040 form with schedule A.You can also file for that separately.

Who are the state senators of Georgia?

The two state senators of Georgia are John Hardy Isakson and Saxby Chambliss. A form of representative government from Georgia has existed since 1751.

What is the minimum yearly income needed to pay taxes in Georgia?

Full-year residents are required to file a Georgia income tax return if they are required to file a Federal income tax return, if they have income subject to Georgia income tax, or if their income exceeds Georgias standard deduction and personal exemptions.Part time legal resident of Georgia who are required to file a federal income tax return, are required to file a Georgia Form 500 Individual Income Tax Return. Page 4, Schedule 3 will help you calculate your Georgia Taxable income.Nonresidents who work in Georgia or get money from Georgia sources and who fiel a Federal Income tax return must file special paperwork (Georgia Form 500 Individual Income Tax Return). However if you are a legal resident of another state, you are not required to file a Georgia income tax return if you are only an employee of a Georgia for an employer and the money you receive for this is 5% or less of your total income.Military personnel are subject to income tax if they live in Georgia or have Georgia as their home of record, regardless of where they earn their income.See related links for the full text.

Can you file form 8379 for a state return?

yes, no, maybe

What state does Georgia form most of this state's eastern border?


What form do you file when filing for the state income tax return?

When you are filing for the state income tax return, you will fill form 1040.

file arkansas state tax with federal attached?

does federal form need to be attached to arkansas state tax form by paper

Do you have to file a 1096 with the state of Colorado?

Where do I mail a 1096 form to in Colorado

How do you become a Georgia state resident?

A person will need to apply for a Georgia license and register their vehicle in Georgia. Then a person will need to fill out a change of address form.

what form do I use for file state income tax for single ?

what short form do I use for filing state income tax for filing single

What is the Income Tax Form number for the State of Georgia Thank you.?

The Georgia State income tax forms are as follows: Form 500: Individual Income Tax Return, Form 500-EZ: Short Individual Tax Return, Form 500-X: Amended Individual Tax Return

What is the mailing address of the IRS for form 2159?

The link should take you to the right IRS location to send applications and payments. It varies by State.,,id=147314,00.html

Do I have to file a state tax return if I collected unemployment from that state but didn't live there at all?

How can you file and receive unemployment from a state that is not where you reside? The answer is going to depend on what state is listed on your W-2 form in the state section at the bottom. This will tell where the income is deemed to be earned. You will need to file a return for every state where you have reported income. In the case of the state you are asking about you will need to file a non-resident return.

How did Georgia become a state in the history?

Georgia became a state in 1788 when it became the 4th state to ratify the US constitution; it was also one of the states that seceded from the union to form the Confederacy, during the period of the Civil War.

Where do you mail your IRS form 941 for Georgia without payment?,,id=111163,00.html

What form do you use to file a mistrial brief in California?

The form that is used in the state of California to file for a mistrial brief is the manifest necessity. The most common cause for a mistrial is a hung jury.

Can you get a misdeamenor expunged in the state of Georgia if you were convicted?

Yes. The expungement request form is linked below.

How can you keep your licence when you received a ticket for no can insurance in Georgia?

The best way to keep your license in the state of Georgia or any other state after receiving a ticket for no insurance is to Obtain Auto Liability Insurance. It's the Law. After obtaining your required insurance, contact your local regulatory authority or states drivers license office and ask them if you need your agent to file a form SR22 to have any license suspension lifted. Your insurance agent can file the SR22 for you if one is needed.

What is the best tax filing software available?

TaxAct allows you to do a 1040EZ form for free. You file free for the federal form but sometimes have to pay a fee to file your state taxes. It is very reliable.