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Old boyfriends always come back because the grass is not always greener so to speak

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Why would an ex boyfriend want to stay in contact and see you but never say we are just friends?

Just to stay in contact and make sure he knows what's going on with you

Why would an ex boyfriend suddenly want to be your friend?

because they miss you and want to stay with you

Why would your ex boyfriend block your number?

Because he doesn't want you to contact him.

How do you find an ex boyfriend?

contact him

How do you deal when your boyfriend keeps contact his ex?

you either move on or stay with him or just go about your business focusing on you because apparently he have feelings for this ex to still be talking to her.

Should i stay friends with an ex boyfriend while in a relationship boyfriend?

if it is ok with your current boyfriend there is not should about it...if you want to then do it, if not then dont, if your current bf has a problem with it then that is his problem not yours

Your ex girlfriend said I Love You And I Want Only You but you see her walking and always with her ex boyfriend. What do you do about this situation?

Talk to her about it and let her know she has to stay away from her ex.

Your ex boyfriend loves you again but you have a new boyfriend?

Who do you love? Your ex left you; if you're new boyfriend appreciates you more than the old one did, stay in your new relationship. If you broke up with your ex over a miscommunication or something, really consider who you want to be with. Sometimes it's best to let old relationships stay dead.

Pregnant by ex boyfriend?

You have to get in contact with your ex. Otherwise your child becomes fatherless.

In your dream you are trying to contact your ex boyfriend?

It is obvious you are still in love with your ex boyfriend and hoping to get back together with him or it is wishful thinking that he will contact you and therefore he is on your mind a great deal so it is normal to dream that your ex boyfriend is trying to contact you. If he does not have a girlfriend then out of curiosity contact him and see if he will meet you somewhere. Take the risk.

Why does your ex girlfriend still contact you with her new boyfriend?

It might be the case that she want to be friend with you. She also might want her boyfriend to be your friend also. It depends on her totally there can be many other reasons as well.

Why would an ex boyfriend want to stay friends with you after you dumped him for cheating and lying?

because they feel guilty for hurting your feelings

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to harm an ex boyfriend?

Questions you should ask is why does he want to harm your ex.

Why does she want to stay in contact with her old boy friend?

Cos even though he is her ex boyfriend she still has a very huge love for him because of that she was wishing for him to get back to her... I have experienced that, you know that whatever you do you can never defeat true love...

What should I do if I still want and don't want to be with my ex-boyfriend?

Sit down with a piece of paper and pen and put his good and bad points down and then you'll have your answer as to whether you want to be with your ex boyfriend or not.

Why would a ex girlfriend want to live real close to her ex boyfriend when her friends and family are not from that area?

It means the ex boyfriend still likes the ex girlfriend.

Which is correct he is your ex boyfriend or he was your ex boyfriend?

"He is your ex boyfriend" is correct.If you were to say "he was your ex boyfriend" it would suggest that he is no longer your ex.

What does it mean when you have a dream about your ex boyfriend cheating on his new girlfriend with you?

Simply put, It means that you subconsciously want your ex-boyfriend back. Maybe you want him back only in a physical way, or maybe you want him back as your boyfriend.

What if you want your ex boyfriend back and he will not talk to you or anything and he is not going out with any one what do i say to get him back to be my boyfriend again?

get another boyfriend and make ur ex boyfriend jelous

How do you get your ex boyfriend to want you again?

make him jealous

How can you stay friend with your ex boyfriend?

It is difficult if he broke up with you. It takes lots of energy to stay in that relationship

What should you do if you have feelings for your ex boyfriend but you have a boyfriend?

well first of all you should think of why you and your ex broke up - why did the relationship not work and then u should also think of who you really want to be with , would your rather get back with your ex or stay with your current boyfriend , a way to think of that would be to think of the pros and cons of both guys hope this helped

Why is your ex boyfriend having angry and jealous feelings towards your guy friends?

The ex boyfriend would probably want you back.

What if your ex boyfriend doesnt want to be friends?

If your ex boyfriend does not want to be friends with you then don't be friends with him. Why would anyone want to be friends with someone that doesn't want to be friends with them. Just let them do what they want to do, and don't let it interfere with your life.

How do you deal with your boyfriend being friends with his ex?

Depends if you want your boyfriend to be happy; my boyfriend is fine with me being friends with my ex. As we have the same friends and we trust each other.