Wake up with dry mouth

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Close your mouth when you sleep

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Q: Wake up with dry mouth
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Why is your tongue stuck to your roof of mouth when you wake up?

because: close your mouth. See? Your tongue naturally sticks to the roof of your mouth!

Acid Reflux symptoms?

swallowing and not feeling like anything went down dry mouth sweet and sour throat sweet tasting food coming up body making noises at night wake up with mouth filled with hot air

Why do you wake up with dry mouth and a sore throat?

I think it's because when you breath through your mouth or nose, all the air goes back against your throat and dries it out, making it dry and sore. Ouch!! A sure way to cure it is a cold glass of water or a spoonful of honey.

Can a unclean mouth make you sick?

Yes, when you do not clean your mouth after you eat or wake up in the morning ,you can get an amount of germs.

What are the release dates for Dry Wake - 2012?

Dry Wake - 2012 was released on: USA: 2012

Thin white coating on your tongue can this be caused by snoring and allergies?

Yes, snoring or breathing by the mouth can dry out the tongue and cause it to be white. Just brush it in the morning when you wake up and it should be fine.

Why when you began to eat you are thirsty?

If the food you eat is dry, then it will dry your mouth up and make you thirsty.

Your mouth gets really dry when you wake up why?

Because you sleep for about 8 hours and you don't drink liquids when you're sleeping. If you want to stop it or at least make it a little better, drink a bottle of water or so before bed. You'll wake up having to pee, but you won't be thirsty!

Why does morphine give you a dry mouth?

why do morphine give me dry mouth

Can dry mouth be a symptom of herpes?

Dry mouth is not a symptom of herpes.

What is good for dry mouth?

Olive oil and moisturizer is best for the dry mouth.

Is it true that you eat about 8 spiders in your lifetime?

Yes, you do eat spiders in your sleep. Spiders like wet, damp, dry places. When you sleep with your mouth open, they crawl in and wake you up. Your instincs are to swallow once you wake up, so there goes the spider! Whether or not you eat 8, we are not posotive of the exact number. Hope this helps! :)

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