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Talk the talk means that you make verbal claims about your abilities. Walk the walk means that you can actually back up the claims with proof of your abilities.

For example if I say: I'm the best Poker player in this room. I am talking the talk. And when I win the casino's poker tournament, I am walking the walk.

I have made a verbal boastful claim, and then I have backed up that claim with proof of my abilites by winning the tournament.

Lots of people talk the talk (most of the time this is know as trash-talking) but few people can actually walk the walk (back up those claims with proof of their skills).

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Talking the talk and walking the walk?

The phrase "Talking the talk and walking the walk" means that one backs up their words with actions. Many people like to speak bravely of their resolves without following up their promises with deeds.

What does sleep walk means?

Sleep walk is just like sleep talking, except you are walking. When you sleep talk you are walking in your sleep. You do not have the slightest hint that you are sleep walking. For you are in deep sleep.

What does 'talk the talk' mean?

It means that having an opinion on everything, and saying what the problems are, but never finding a solution only just criticism, now, people that walk the walk will find a solution and putting their money where their mouth is!More.."Talk the talk" is a term which refers to a moral code. Most often when you speak about what you believe or how you live your life, you are "talking the talk." this term is half of a larger phrase "Talk the talk and walk the walk." The larger phrase refers also to the way you live your life. "Walking the walk" means to actually live the code that you believe. The difference in talking the talk and walking the walk is that you can explain what you believe all you wish, but if you do not live your beliefs, then it is all just talk. So talking is easy, but the actual work of "walking the walk" is more impressive.

What was the respond of league of nations to axis?

As always, nothing. The League of Nations spent most of their time sitting on their butts talking the talk and not walking the walk.

What is a creative name for a surgical hospital's heart walk team?

"Walking Hearts" (We will walk to talk to your hearts)

What does the saying you can talk the talk but not walk the walk?

Telling a person that they can talk the talk but not walk the walk can have a few different meanings, but they all come back to the same principle: actions speak louder than words. This question stems from the challenge "if you talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk." An example would be a person talking of principles. You can talk all you want about principles, but you have to actually live by them, too. If you tell a person they can talk the talk but not walk the walk, it can mean the person is a hypocrite, thus not practicing what they preach. But it can also mean they are procrastinating. They're talking about doing things but not actually doing them. They're all talk, no action.

How do you have fun walking down the street?

walk with a friend or friends and have a good talk

Why can you hear two people talking after they walk around the corner?

because they were walking towards you

What movie titles contain the word walk?

Walkabout (1971)Walking Tall (1973 and 2004)Dead Man Walking (1995)Walking and Talking (1996)Walk the Line (2005)Walkout (2006)Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)

Is singing a compound word?

No. Sing is a verb and -ing is an affix. The affix -ing is used to make the present participle form of verbs. eg walk -- walking, talk -- talking, write -- writing

When walking beind a horse you should do what?

Talk to the horse at all times in a soothing, calm voice. While walking alongside it and behind it, keep your hand on it's body so it knows where you are. Do not walk up behind a horse without talking to it, otherwise, you will probably get kicked.

What does talk does not cook rice mean?

It's pretty obvious. You can't cook rice by talking to it. In other words, talk is cheap - actions speak louder than words - walk the walk, don't talk the talk.

What does walk the walk mean?

More or less practicing or acting what one believes, as opposed to lip service or Talking the Talk.

How do crayfish walk?

Crayfish walk by walking on their walking legs.

How does vic talk to you in sims kingdom?

First you walk up to Vic, Then you will see a box that says "Talk". Press "Talk" and walla! he's talking.

What does the term walking and talking with Jesus is for a today's as a believer Paragraph please?

Jesus promised his disciples that he would be with them to the end of the world and that our fellowship would be ever with him. So if he is always with us and we with him, as believers, we are able to walk and talk with hm in the spirit.

What was the Production Budget for Walking and Talking?

The Production Budget for Walking and Talking was $1,000,000.

Who is a disciple of Jesus?

Yes, that is the question...and you will find that answers vary considerably. One might well define a disciple of Christ the same way that they would define any other disciple; someone walking the walk, and not just talking the talk.

What the difference between a gerund and an infinitive?

A gerund is the present participle. This is a verb followed by the suffix "-ing". For example, walking, riding, talking. The infinitive is the form which has the word "to" in front of it. For example, to walk, to ride, to talk. In English, the gerund is used where in some other language the infinitive would be used. For example, in Spanish and French, you can say, "To walk is fun." But in English you would say, "Walking is fun."

Can a Charge Syndrome child ever walk?

yes, our child is 3 and walking talking and running. has a hard time with uneven ground.

What is the action word of walk?

Walking, to walk.

What happens when you come across a walking talking split persona?

Talk to each one, decide which one you like best.

How much money did Walking and Talking gross worldwide?

Walking and Talking grossed $1,615,787 worldwide.

How far behind a horse should you stand when walking behind it?

You should walk really close to their hindquarters and talk to them so they know your there.

What does it mean when you walk into a classroom and you notice as a guy is talking to a girl he is staring at your legs as your walking to your desk and your wearing pants anyway?

he wants to do u