Walking with the ball is called what?

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walking with the ball is called:travelling

Is a balk when nobody is on supposed to be called a ball and if it is can someone get walked without ever throwing a pitch?

A balk cannot be called if no one is on base. The essence of a balk is the pitcher is tiring to achieve an unfair advantage over the base runner. No runner, no advantage. If a pitcher, while no runners are on base, commits an action that would have been recognized as a balk if runners had been on ba ( Full Answer )

If a pitched ball hits the ground first then strikes a player is the call a ball or a walk?

it is a hit by pitch (or a walk). Clarification: The answer above makes it seem a HBP and a Walk are the same -- they are not.. they are scored different and effect stats different. If the umpire calls it ball 4 and says it never hit the batter the ball is still in play and the batter gets a Wal ( Full Answer )

Why is a walk called a Toby?

I had never heard this use before, but the Oxford English Dictionary lists as one of the definitions of toby to be "the highway" in thieves' slang. It is thought to have originated from toba' from tobar , the word for "road" in Shelta, the secret language of the Irish tinkers. It dates back i ( Full Answer )

What do you call a person that cannot walk?

A person who has bad limbs or limbs that do not function correctly this person is lame or disabled. Sorry if this doesn't help!!! (Sora38's answer): Possibly, they could be paralyzed.

What is a job that calls for a lot of walking but not dog walking?

a newspaper delivery service allows a lot of walking\n. \n Answer \n. \nDoor to door sales is a good job which requires a lot of walking, as is joining the army infantry, however that is more running. other jobs include panphlet delivery, paper delivery if it is done on foot and possibly the p ( Full Answer )

Why is a medicine ball called a medicine ball?

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicine_ball. In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the words "health" and "medicine" were synonymous. The so-called "Four Horseman of Fitness" were the dumbell , the indian club , the wand and the medicine ball. This is where the beginnings o ( Full Answer )

Why is it called a cat walk?

A narrow walkway high above the ground is called a cat walk because you have to be as surefooted as a cat to avoid stumbling or falling off of its narrow surface.

Why do they call j walking j walking?

Back in the day people refered to hicks or hillbillies as "jays". When a Jay made a visit to the big city they thought they could just cross the street anywhere they pleased and would get themselves almost run over. People would say, "look at that stupid jay walking". Eventually it became a ticket o ( Full Answer )

Why is pickle ball called pickle ball?

The story was in a rainy day a teacher wanted to have the students practice their tennis skills for P.E instead of playing some rainy day activity and the teacher decided to make like a badminton and tennis kinda game. The teacher couldn't decide what to name the game so they decided to name it afte ( Full Answer )

Why do they call them balls?

cause they're roundish and ball shaped. i dont think calling them eliptical circles, or olives was appropriate

Softball babe Ruth can a player be walked without the pitcher throwing the ball and no foul was called?

This happened in the Caribbean baseball league a number of years ago. One of the managers took exception with a call that the home plate umpire made and refused to allow his pitcher to pitch the ball to the following batter. After waiting for a couple minutes, the umpire instructed the pitcher to pi ( Full Answer )

Why was your prophet called the walking quran?

Our prophet (saw) was a man of wisdom kindness and he was smart he used to get ayahs from Allah and he'd memorize all the ayahs and live by there meanings that means if it said pray on time he'd do so if it said be nice he'd do so if it said give zakah(charity) he'd do so the prophet (saw) was truly ( Full Answer )

Why are balls called balls when referring to balls and strikes?

A "strike" is a "fair ball" -- one that passed through the strike zone. A "foul ball" is one that passed outside of the strike zone. "Foul" is also used to refer to a ball that hits the batter. Baseball commentators got into the habit of saying "ball!" instead of "foul ball" to avoid a lengthy expla ( Full Answer )

Walking on your heels is called what?

Walking on your heels is called heel-first walking or heel-toewalking. This is the natural way in which humans walk as the heeltouches the ground first.

What are b daman balls called?

they are just called b-daballs.but in b-daman:fir spirits,there are special b-daballs called STRIKE SHOTS they are VERY powerful and can only be used once.

What is a young walking stick called?

Juvenile stick insects are called Nymphs until they reach their second-to-last stage before adulthood which then the stick insect is referred as a Sub Adult .

How do you teach a guinea pig to walk in its ball?

Just put them into the ball, they will teach themselves, keep them away from stairs that go down, occasionally they will run into the wall or something but they are self taught ball walkers for sure"

What is the The Walking Quran Hadith called?

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was described by his noble wife, 'Aa'ishah (May Allah be pleased with her) as a "walking Quran": in other words, he didn't just read and recite the Quran, he lived it.

Why do your balls hurt when you walk?

They might be slightly bruised, or may have a disorder like a varicosele, or there could be cancer in them. Best to see a doctor if the pain lasts more than a day or two.

Can you step in front of the ball and take a walk?

No--at least in theory. If a batter doesn't make an effort to avoid the ball, it's called a strike even if it hits him. However, in Major League Baseball today players often seem to be able to fool umpires by turning sideways and leaning slightly toward the ball. A player who blatantly stepped onto ( Full Answer )

Why adiantum is called walking fern?

because the plantlets devlop from the point where the tip of thearching leaf of the parent plant touches the ground, giving awalking effect

What are shoes called for walking in snow?

Well, the actual shoe is probably a boot of some kind, maybe even aKamik. But then there are snow shoes, which aren't exactly a shoe, butbasically an enlarged sole that you put on your boots to keep fromsinking into the snow.

What is the tip of a walking stick called?

A 'ferrule' Ferrule: a ring or cap, typically a metal one, that strengthens the end of a handle, stick, or tube and prevents it from splitting or wearing.

Why is the Tennessee Walking Horse called a walking horse?

The Tennessee Walking Horse is known for a special gait called the "Running Walk" which is a very fast walk with a long stride, super smooth and totally natural to the Tennessee Walking Horse. That is why they are called "walking horses" or "walkers"

What is it called when a horse walks fancy?

Hm. I'm not really sure what you are asking, since fancy is a pretty general term. But there is a Dressage move called Passage: The Piaffe: And there's also a fancy walk that the Tennessee Walking horses do:

What ball sport has 'walk' in the terminology?

Baseball. A "walk" occurs when, in the umpire's judgement, the pitcher misses the "strike zone" with four throws to a single batter. The batter is then awarded first base.

What is walking barefoot called?

Its called "barefooted walking" or "walking barefoot." Some people say "walking without shoes or socks" or "going barefoot."

Why is balls of steal called balls of steal?

It's not "Balls of Steal," it's "Balls of Steel." "Balls" refers to manly marbles, gonads, stones, cojones, nuts, family jewels -- that is, testicles. If you have balls of steel, you are one tough dude. The show is about idiots doing things that hurt to prove that they are as macho, or tough, as the ( Full Answer )

What would you call a peron who walks about?

In the most wide-reaching form, that would be a Pedestrian. 'Perambulator' would also have the same meaning, but is somewhat archaic and could be confused with the device 'Perambulator', more commonly known as a 'Pram' or 'Baby Buggy' today. One who specifically walks in the countryside for pl ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to walk with a golf ball in your vagina?

yes it is i've done it with 3 once i went on a little walk aroundthe park and wanted some fun while walking and its amazing becausethe sassier you walk the more it stimulates but i reccomend buyingone of those mp3 pills and leaving it up there it vibrates to yourmusic. but with the golf balls just w ( Full Answer )