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Was Andrew Jackson's policy of Indian removal democratic?


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It was democratic in the sense that the duly elected US Congress approved it in an entirely legal way, according to the US Constitution. (...not!!)
Of course the Indians did not get a vote, but it was obvious what they wanted.
One does not ask the enemy to vote when prosecuting a war- there is nothing Democratic
about negotiating a peace treaty. (there was no peace treaty)
I'm sorry and I mean no offense to the person who wrote before me, but I beg to differ. Democratic means representing the people, and representing the people means respecting the laws made by the Supreme Court. In the Worcester vs. Georgia case of 1831, John Marshall ruled that the Indians would be allowed to stay on their land. However, Jackson forced the removal of the Cherokee Nation in 1834. Therefore, I would most accurately conclude that Jackson's removal of the Indans was in no way democratic.