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Q: Was Barack Obama a member of the National Honor Society?
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When was National Honor Society created?

National Honor Society was created in 1921.

What is a holdover in the National Honor Society?

A holdover in the National Honor Society is someone who continues the duties until the newly elected member is sworn in. New members are elected on a yearly basis.

What does it mean to be a member of the national junior honor society?

to be a: role model awesome person etc.

When was Spanish National Honor Society created?

Spanish National Honor Society was created in 1953.

When was Science National Honor Society created?

Science National Honor Society was created in 2000.

What is the symbol of the national honor society?

It's a big candle that is lit and it says National Honor Society written at the top.

What colors represent national junior honor society?

The official colors of the National Junior Honor Society are navy blue and white.

What is the difference between the national honor society and the national society of high school scholars?

they fancy.

What are the 5 national junior honor society characteristics?

scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Citizenship is only for National Junior Honor Society.

What is the motto of National Society of Collegiate Scholars?

The motto of National Society of Collegiate Scholars is 'Honor. Inspire. Engage.'.

Why is National Honor Society good?

Colleges will look at your records and by seeing that you were a National Honor they will more likely accept you into their university.

What is the njsh?

Did you mean NJHS?-National Junior Honor Society

What GPA does a student need to get into National Honor Society?


Why is nhs a good thing?

it means national honor society

What does the secretary do in national junior honor society?

takes attendance

What was Michelle Obama's graduation rank?

Michelle Obama was on the honor for four years, took AP classes, was a member of the National Honor Society, served as student treasurer and graduated in 1981 as the salutatorian of her class.

What about Alcohol in the national honor society?

Joel feldstein did this and got kcicked out

Who sang the national anthem at the pro bowl?

The Honor Society Band.

How long are National Honor Society induction ceremonies?

One hour

What would an example of a National Junior Honor Society essay be?

depends for what

What GPA do you need to keep to stay in national honor society?


What community things do National Junior Honor Society sponsor?

vounteer work

Who were some famous people that were members of the national honor society?

jamie woodes

If a straight 'A' student wants to play sports in college is it important that he be a member of National Honor Society to get into college?

AnswerThe most important thing is to have a well balanced schedule, showing both academic and sports potential. The National Honor Society can be beneficial in that it shows some of this balance. It shouldn't be a major hinderance not being a member. But it will look good on your collegeapplication! But it's probably not going to increase your odds of making the team!

Can you appeal a National Honor Society case if you weren't selected?

yes to the building principal