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Was Beethoven living during Mozart's life?

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Yes, Beethoven was alive during Mozart's lifetime. Beethoven was 20 when Mozart died. Beethoven had visited Mozart in Vienna and played him some of his compositions. Mozart recognised that he had talent and decided that he would like to teach Beethoven. Before their lessons could begin, Beethoven's mother fell ill and he had to return to Bonn to tend to her. Before he could return to Vienna to have his lessons, Mozart had died. Further information In 1787 (at the age of sixteen), Beethoven visited Vienna where he met Mozart for the first time. Here, Mozart actually gave Beethoven his first lesson in composition before Beethoven was called back to Bonn with the news of his dying mother. Beethoven's admiration of Mozart, and this first lesson in composition, is why music from the "first period" of Beethoven's composing reflects Mozart's style.

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by composing music for most of his life

Georg F. Haendel from Halle, Germany (although he was English after he spent his whole life there). He was also Beethoven, Bach, Haydn and many other's favourite composer.

No, that hardly happens now.

beethoven won no rewards during his life

Beethoven published 138 works during his life. 205 more have been published since his death.

Beethoven did not really become rich nor was he poor when he died. During his life, he was often plagued with financial trouble.

Beethoven is usually associated with the romantic period, but he lived and composed much of his composing life during the late classical period.

Beethoven, unfortunately, did not win any awards during his life time though he may have received some posthumously.

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Beethoven was bedridden in his home the last several months of his life.

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No. Beethoven became famous as a child playing piano. His father had hoped to make money as Mozart's father did. Beethoven became a celebrated piano soloist and improviser. His first symphony was somewhat controversial, but he became even more famous as a composer than as a pianist, and during his lifetime.

Beethoven began composing the most important, impressive works of his life.

Beethoven suffered from severe bouts of depression for much of his life.

Yes, Beethoven did face some problems during his lifetime. One I know of was a health problem. His hearing started to deterioate and he got worried and even told his friends about it.

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no he didnt Well not a "job" as we know that term in the present day. Beethoven's "job" in life was as a composer and musician. Composing was how he made a living.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German pianolist. He did have asthma, and he became deaf later in life.

Although Beethoven was born in the German town of Bonn, he spent most of his life in Vienna, Austria.

I only know of one event that happened during Beethoven's time and that was the french revolution. It happened in 1789 when Beethoven was 18.

Yes. Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. However, he spent most of his adult life in Austria.

"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life." ~ Ludwig van Beethoven

He spent his adult life in Vienna.

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