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of coruse he was it was his brother

Well he was very sad. on raw one week later they had a momorial for Owen and Bret I could tell was really sad.

Obviosly, they were real brothers!

yes. becoz when he fell from that rope he might of bin sad.

Ummm....not quite a well thought through question. Of course he was sad! It was his brother after all! In fact the Hart family was so upset over the incident they filed a lawsuit against the WWE. Just cuz there was a Bret/Owen feud doesn't mean they hated each other. That was all in a storyline! It was all fake! It's a sad day when someone's brother dies and they don't care....

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Bret Hart blamed McMahon for his brother's death. He questioned if this was really necessary and said, "Shame on you, Vince McMahon." He also claimed that the tribute show "reeked of disrespect," stating, "Yes, the so-called tribute where afterward wrestlers point to their crotches and say: 'Suck it!' It makes me nauseous." Sounds pissed to me

Bret claims in his book that he was devistated, and he regretted not being in the WWF when it happened. If he was he said he would've stopped Owen from doing the stunt.

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Q: Was Bret Hart mad when Owen died?
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