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Brutus, or Marcus Junius Brutus Caepio, was a Roman senator and one of several men who conspired to assassinate Julius Caesar. Although not politically ambitious, Brutus was initially a money lender who charged high interest rates then later as a senator became unsatisfied with the politics of Julius' Dictatorship in Rome (Brutus was a republican). Brutus' mother was also a mistress of Caesar's.

Based on what I've read, I would not consider Brutus a good man.

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Q: Was Brutus a good man
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What brutus says was Caesar's flaw?

Ambition. "But Brutus says he was ambitious, and Brutus is an honourable man."

Why does Cassius believe that Brutus should be a part of the plot against Caesar?

Brutus was an honourable man, an honest man, a Stoic. He is not the kind of man to join a conspiracy of that kind unless he thought it was for the good of the state. The others might have and in fact did join out of motives of spite, jealousy and hope of personal gain. Not Brutus. And everyone knew that.

What is Brutus' answer to any man who might wonder why he killed Caesar?

for the good of rome and his people of rome

What is Brutus's answer to any man who might wonder why he killed Caesar?

for the good of rome and his people of rome

What is Marcus Brutus Tragic flaw?

Like most of the characteristics chosen as "tragic flaws", the characteristics of Brutus most usually chosen are in fact not flaws at all. Brutus was "an honourable man", "the most noble Roman of them all". These are good things. The message of the play is that an honourable man, a noble man, a man of incorruptible virtue, cannot succeed in a political world of corrupt realpolitik as practised by Mark Antony. It is not Brutus, but Rome which is flawed, and Brutus cannot cure that flaw simply by getting rid of Caesar. His tragedy is that he is flawless.

Why is Brutus an arrogant man?

Please be more specific as to exactly which Brutus you mean.

Who said Brutus is an honorable man?

Antony, in his funeral oration for Caesar, repeated the phrase, "Brutus said he (meaning Caesar) was ambitious and Brutus is an honorable man," in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

In Julius Caesar why is Brutus' participation so important in the conspiracy?

Because Brutus was Caeser's right hand man and he had access to a lot of resources that would prove valuable to the conspiracy It's always good to have an inside man.

Who called Brutus the noblest Roman of them all?

brutus was called the noblest man in rome

How did Shakespeare portray the character of Brutus?

Brutus is an "honourable man", a Stoic, and strictly moral.

What point does he make Antony spoke against Brutus and the conspirators?

That Brutus "is a honourable man".

What is brutus' last name?

Brutus is what we today consider a last name. The man's complete name was Marcus Junius Brutus.

Why does Antony repeatedly claim the Brutus is an honorable man?

He states what Brutus claims, what Antony viewed of the events, and that brutus is honorable. He is countering Brutus' lies while still maintaining to the council that he is not badmouthing Brutus.

Although Antony spoke against Brutus and the conspirators what point does he make?

That Brutus "is a honourable man".

What point does he make Although Antony spoke against Brutus and the conspirators?

That Brutus "is a honourable man".

How does Antony use irony in his funeral speech?

He keeps on saying that Brutus is an honourable man when the message he is trying to convey is that Brutus is not an honourable man at all.

Examples of situational irony?

" Yet Brutus says he was an amitiuos and Brutus is an honourable man" William shakesbear

What phrase from this passage of Julius Caesar helps the audience understand that Brutus is not trustworthy?

“And Brutus is an honorable man.”

Why does brutus join the conspiracy?

Brutus believes that it is for the public good to rebel against Caesar

How does Brutus feel shortly after the assassination?

Brutus feels guilty and realizes what he did was wrong but the good of the republic.

How much did Marcus Brutus weigh?

Marcus Brutus is a man who is between the sizes of large and extra large. The most recent weighing of Marcus Brutus has him weighing about 260 pounds.

What do Antony and octavius have to say about brutus at the end of the play?

Antony and Octavius both acknowledge the fact that Brutus is an honourable man. Antony's eulogy speaks volumes about Brutus' character.

How does Antony repeatedly refer to brutus during the funeral oration?

During Caesar's funeral, Antony refers to Brutus as an honorable man. This is said sarcastically as Brutus was a traitor to Caesar.

What was the big man's name in Popeye?

Bluto/Brutus .

When is Brutus Magna moving to TNA?

Brutus Magnus is on TNA now and is part of a three man team called the british invasion