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Q: Was Canada victims of propaganda in world war two?
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Who was the German propaganda broadcaster during World wWar Two?

Joseph Goebbels was the Reich Minister for Popular Enlightnment and Propaganda.

What did Joseph Goebbels do in World War 2?

Joseph Goebbels was the propaganda minister during world war two.

What are two things the Jews were blamed for by German propaganda?

economic depression Germany's defeat in World War I

Name two forms of Jewish propaganda?

Judaism isn't known for propaganda.

How did Canada change after World War 2?

how did Canada change after world war two? it created things for others obviously

What is the most rarest illness in the world?

"Fields Condition" is the rarest condition in the world. It has only two twin victims in llanelli, wales.

Should Canada have gone to World War 2 and why?

Yes. Canada should have gone to world war two because if they did not Britain would lose trust in Canada and Canada needs Britain

What was Propaganda in World war two?

Propaganda during the war was slogans that made people believe things that weren't necessarily true here are a few: Make do and mend Walls have ears Dig for victory

Why was propaganda so effective and two ways Hitler used it?

because he never wanted anyone that was different than him in the world.

Where were the two world fairs in Canada?

The World Fair or "Expo" was in Montreal in 1967, and in Vancouver in 1986.

What two world culture regions share part of the continent of North America?

French Canada and English Canada

Two places in the world that have nuclear power plants?

USA and Canada

Where are the two hemispheres in Canada located?

in the north and west parts of the world!

What are two weapons of totalitarianism?

police terror and propaganda

Has Canada ever won a war?

If you take the time of the creation of Canada as 1867, Canada has been directly involved in two major wars: World War 1 and World War 2. Canada was on the winning side in both, so it could be considered as having won at least two wars.

What are the two largest lakes in the world that start with a letter G?

The two largest lakes in the world that start with the letter 'G' are Great Bear Lake in Canada and Great Slave Lake in Canada. These are the largest by area.

Which is the largest border between two countries in the world?

between Canada and USA...

What two countries share the largest unguarded boundary in the world?

US and Canada

What year did Canada go through stage 2 of the demographic and environmental timeline?

what impact did world war one and two have on Canada

How many times has Canada won the World Series in Major League Baseball?

Canada won two World Series. The Toronto Blue Jayswere the 1992 and 1993 champions.

Who was responsible for propaganda for Germany in World War 2?

Joseph Goebbels was Germany's propaganda chief. Other people from other countries fronted for him. Two notorious examples were "Lord Haw-Haw" (England) and Vidkun Quisling (Norway). Both were executed by their respective governments shortly after the end of world war 2.

Why Canada got involved in world war 2?

Canada was both involved in world war one and world two because during that time, Canada was still part of the British Commonwealth regiment or in other words, Britain still had power over Canada and its foreign policies. So if Britain declared war, Canada was automatically at war too.

What are the two largest countries in the world?

Russia and Canada by area, China and India by population.

Was Hitler a real person?

Yes. Hitler was a real person. He was the cause of propaganda that brought along World War Two. A very nasty person to boot.

Territory has two large lakes?

The Northwest Territories in Canada has the two largest lakes. The first is the Great Bear Lake, which is the largest lake in Canada and 3rd in the world. The second is the Great Slave Lake which is the 9th largest lake in the world