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Legend has it that it was Warren Beatty, who was very single at the time (early 70's) - I used to think that it was Mick Jagger, who sings background on the tune... No one had heard of Arnold until the late 70's, when he won the Mr. Universe contests and made "Pumping Iron"

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What did Homer and Aesop have in common?

Both were entertainers - Homer singing epic legends, Aesop telling fables.

What black male singing group sang the song Candy girl?

New Edition

When did Cody Simpson start singing?

january 17, 2011

What has the author Nancy Telfer written?

Nancy Telfer has written: 'Contemporary warmups' -- subject(s): Studies and exercises, Choral singing, Singing 'Successful Warmups Book 1' 'Successful Sight Singing/Book 1/Teacher's Edition/V77t' 'Singing in tune' -- subject(s): Choral singing, Intonation, Singing, Instruction and study 'Songs for the Wedding Day'

Why are mermaids dangerous?

Mermaids don't exist but as the legends says, they were known to lure sailors into the sea using their singing causing them to drown.

Is there a video of Carl Perkins singing The Birth Of Rock Roll?

Yes, I have seen it years ago but can't seem to find it online. I remember Carl was riding around in a car singing, with two other "legends'

What are the release dates for Webb Singing Pictures - 1917?

Webb Singing Pictures - 1917 was released on: USA: 14 January 1917

When was the evergreen advert with the singing frog first broadcast?

january/february 2006

What are the release dates for The Singing Sheriff - 1944?

The Singing Sheriff - 1944 was released on: USA: September 1944 Portugal: 9 January 1950

Who was the male country singer on Extreme Makeover Home Edition singing about his life with his wife throughout the years?

Gavin Rossdale

What is the name of the black male singing group that had one of the brothers go out on his own He had a very deep voice?

New Edition

What are the release dates for The Singing Marine - 1937?

The Singing Marine - 1937 was released on: USA: 3 July 1937 France: 20 January 1938

What was the number 1 song on January 23 1957?

Singing the Blues by Guy Mitchell

What was final Jeopardy for January 26 2009?

Final Jeopardy! for Monday, January 26, 2009: Category: 19th Century Poets Answer: He wrote, " The mason singing...the boatman...the hatter...singing what belongs to him or her and to none else" Question: Who is Walt Whitman?

Dose mermaids fall in love with humans?

Sometimes but in old legends Mermaids were known for singing Sea chantys and luring sailors to their deaths with their compelling voices.

What was the number 1 Billboard song on January 21 1957?

Singing the Blues by Guy Mitchell

Who was the male country singer on Extreme Makeover Home Edition singing about hes father?

It was Randy Travis I think. And the song was Four walls.

Is Paulie Teardrops still alive and singing?

Paulie Teardrops was singing at Caesars Atlantic City in the Primavera Restaurant for over 20 years. He passed away on January 14, 2011.

What were mermaids like?

There are no recorded and verified reports of mermaids exisiting but they are kept alive in some form by legends from many cultures. They vary across cultures from just singing and combing their hair and wanting to look pretty to singing to lure boats to crash on rocks (similar to sirens) to potentially wanting to drown sailors (and some stories even say they want to eat them). It all depends on what legends you are looking at and their culture of origin!

What are the release dates for To Tell the Truth - 2000 The Country Singing 6th Grader?

To Tell the Truth - 2000 The Country Singing 6th Grader was released on: USA: 15 January 2002

When did the Jackson five first appear on Andy William show?

31 January 1970 singing "I want you back"

What does the name Lorelei mean?

It means alluring song, though in German legends, Lorelei was a female character who's singing would lure men on boats to shipwreck + death. x

Has Tommy Ellison of The Five Singing Stars died?

Tommy Ellison died on January 3, 2009 at 3:00

What are the release dates for The Simpsons - 1989 All Singing All Dancing 9-11?

The Simpsons - 1989 All Singing All Dancing 9-11 was released on: USA: 4 January 1998 UK: 8 February 1998 Germany: 16 January 2000 Hungary: 7 July 2001

The carpenter singing The mason singing The boatman singing The shoemaker singing.?

Parallelism ~ Apex ~

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