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True and true. As the lawyer for both Cheri Woods and her daughter by Stevie Woods (see Cheri Woods' book: "Death Row Madam"--page 157) I know they are real and alive and Tiana is pursuing a musical career in the footsteps of her father, the famed multi-award winning singer, Stevie Woods.

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yes. yes. yes. yes. they are already married in real life. OK?! so stop asking! They are already married. Joe Cheng father really like Ariel Lin to be his daughter-in-law. :DD

It was never really actually stated they get married, but if they did it's fifteen years before she had her daughter.

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i don't really know hahahhahhahahhahaa coz im too young for that

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Stevie wonders has been blind almost since birth. its really sad but he has gotten so far.

The father of the singer and star of Moesha, Brandy Norwood's baby is producer Robert Smith. Brandy said that they got married a year before she was pregnant, but she later admitted that they were not really married. She claimed to have said that they were married to keep her clean image for all her Moesha fans.

Yes, though Natsuki Takaya doesn't really show it, she hints it. In the very last chapter, chapter 136, it shows Tohru and Kyo as an elderly couple, and their granddaughter. The woman in that scene, is their daughter-in-law, she married Kyo and Tohru's son. The son was shown in a fill-in-the-blank sketch with Kyo. Anyways, the woman was Yuki and Machi's daughter. So basically, Yuki and Machi got married, had a daughter, Kyo and Tohru, got married, had a son, and Yuki and Machi's daughter married Kyo and Tohru's son. If you look at the woman, she looks just like Machi. So it was hinted that Yuki and Machi got married, and its true that they did, it just never really showed them getting married. And of course, Yuki gave Machi his key, and he's not the type to find another girlfriend either anyways.

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beyonce is really married..

They can't really be married when they don't really exist.

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