Winston Churchill

Was Churchill great?

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Yes because he lead Great Britain into Victory and help the Allies win the war

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Sir Winston Churchill led Great Britain in WW2.Sir Winston Churchill led Great Britain in WW2.

Winston Churchill was a leader of Great Britain.

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill.

In Great Britian Churchill lived for some time at Chartwell house.

The "Cavalier Colonel" Winston Churchill (1620-1688) was the father of the general John Churchill, 1st Duke of Malborough (1650-1722). The 1st Duke's third daughter, Anne Churchill Spencer (1683-1716), was the ancestor of both the modern Winston Churchill and Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, through her sons Charles and John.The Churchill surname was resurrected by George Spencer, the 5th Duke of Malborough (1766-1840), and adopted by his son George Spencer-Churchill (6th Duke, 1793-1857) and his grandson John Winston Spencer-Churchill (7th Duke, 1822-1883), who was the grandfather of both prime minister Winston Churchill (1874-1965) and his younger brother Major John "Jack" Spencer-Churchill (1880-1947).(This makes the former prime minister the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of his famous namesake colonel.)

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1940-1945 and 1951-1955.

shelived in the chartwell house in great britain until she died

Winston Churchill was the famous Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII.

Churchill was a great Politician and a Hero of Britain, without whom we'd lost the war.

His father Lord Randolph Churchill and his distant ancestor John Churchill, the British Statesman and General and the first Duke of Marlborough.

Winston ChurchillNeville Chamberlain until 10 May 1940, Winston Churchill from then until July 1945 and then Clement Attlee.Winston Churchill, Prime Minister Winston Churchillchurchulwinston churchillWinston Churchill

In Great Britain, during WW2.

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister Of Great Britain between 1940-45 and 1951 - 1955.

Winston Churchill was an excellent orator and inspired people with his enthusiasm even when the odds seemed insurmountable.

Winston Churchill if that's when you mean? ;)

Winston Churchill in World War 2.

Was prime minister for Great Britain during WWII

the general for great Britain was churchill. by Henri

Because Stalin, a great Leninist theoritician on the National Question, saw Churchill as a "Great Nation Chauvinist" responsible for colonizing parts of Asia, Africa and Northern Ireland!

Great Britain was unsatisfied with the efforts of the previous Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. Winston Churchill, who had a reputation as someone who knew the dangers of the Nazis was Great Britain's next choice for Prime Minister.

Winston Churchill served as Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.

Firstly it was Neville Chamberlain. Later on it was Winston Churchill.

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