Was Cleopatra VII mummified?

She may have been embalmed for her (wake) or lying in state but final disposal of the body was by cremation. the Elizabeth Taylor film is accurate on this count. Cleopatra ruled Egypt under the Greek sphere of Influence and the Greeks were fighting the Romans in the battle of Alexandria, etc. Alexandria itself has a Greek, well equivalent of Lyrical(referring to the Lyre) twang! Cremation was standard Greek mortuary practice at this time. She was a beautiful lady. oddly a sort of G-rated Cleopatra tale where all"s well that ends well can be found in Solomon & Sheba with Gina Lollobrigida in the female lead. propos , costumes are so similar they even used to call it the(Jewish Cleopatra) and Jewish stars on Israelite chariots! Sheba is knocked out(probaby comatose) by rebellious troops but is revived by an act of God-something like, very loosely E.T.! Right on, but WEll Cleopatra"s body was cremated and her ashes probably tossed into the Nile.