Was Cleopatra fat?

Cleopatra is always shown as beautiful not short and fat, but you have to remember that the statues of all Egyptian rulers were stylized and only the face gives us clues as to who they were, if there is no inscription. However there is some evidence that she was a bit on the hefty side. A Dr. Martin Weaver did research on Cleo's appearance and modeled a head that is supposed to be her likeness. He based his findings on all the various coins and carvings of Cleopatra. The results are published in the Book by Diana Preston. The conclusion is that she was "quite plump".
There is also the fact that obesity, probably due to inbreeding, was apparent in the Ptolemies. One of Cleo's grandfathers, Ptolemy VIII, was nicknamed "Potbelly" because he was very short and grotesquely fat. The woman some think was Cleo' mother was Cleopatra V, Tryphaena, which means Opulent or Opulent One. That could very well be a polite nickname for a beefy queen. Also, Plutarch states that before her death, Cleopatra ordered a sumptuous meal and there's numerous instances of lavish banquets that she either attended or hosted. She obviously liked to eat.

As for her ability to seduce Caesar and Antony, that can be discarded. Both men were notorious womanizers and would bed down anything in a stola for any reason. Another thing to remember is that the ideal of feminine beauty in the time of Cleopatra was different than today's concept.