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Allied. Please try to use Great Britain or UK rather than England, we English are just part of the nation.

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What world war 1 central power nation later became an allied power?


Did the Central Powers or the Allied Powers spend more money on World War 1?

RussiaThe allied power spent 125,690,477,000.where as the central spent only60,643,160,000.

How many power were there in world war 1?

2; The allied forces and the central powers.

Was the US an allied power or central power during World WAr 1?

The US joined the "Allied Powers" when it declared war on Germany, which was one of three Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary & Turkey.

Was England an allied or axis power during World War 2?

England was an Allied power. One of the 'Big Three', England entered the war after Germany invaded Poland. England was never invaded, but was bombed and was the site of the aerial-fought Battle of Britain.

Is Norway a central power or allied?

Neither. Norway were neutral during World War 1.

Ano ang central power?

nakalaban ng Allied Powers noong World War 2

Who was stronger allied power or central power?

Technically Central Powers because if Hitler wasn't so big of a drug addict he probably could of taken over the world. But realistically... We won so apparently the Allied Powers were stronger

Allied power in World War 1?

- England - France - Russia - Serbia - U.S. (joined in 1918)

Was russia an allied power or an axis power in World War 2?

Allied Power

What are the 5 Allied powers?

The five main allied powers in world war 1 were the US, France, England, Italy, and Russia. There were also others that helped fight the Central Powers.

How can you use central powers and allied powers in a sentence?

In world war 1 the allied powers were fighting against the central powers

Was Russia an axis or allied power in World War 2?


What nation was not an allied power during world war 1?

Germany, Austria, the Ottoman Empire, Italy (Central Powers)Switzerland (Neutral)

How did the allied powers defeat the central powers in world war 1?

They did not. Axis and Allied powers were only in World War 2

Which side central or allied powers won ww1?

Allied forces won World War 1

What year did the Allied powers push the central powers out of France in World War 1?

The allied powers did not push the Central powers out of France. The Central powers only left after the armistice.

Did the allied power started world war?


Was England an Axis or Allied Power?

During World War II, England was a member of the Allied Powers - they are traditionally thought of as The United States, Great Britain (England) and The Soviet Union - however many nations contributed to the Allied efforts, to include Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc.. The Axis Powers are traditionally considered Germany, Italy and Japan.

How did the US make a difference in World War 1?

By being there. It was the combined strength and ability of every Allied power that helped defeat the Central Powers.

Who was the central powers and the allied powers of world war 2?


What is allied and central powers?

In world war 1 the central powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman empire. Italy was part of that alliance but because it switched sides before the name changed from the triple alliance to the central powers it is generally not considered a central power. The allied powers were the British empire, France, Russia and later the United states.

What was the Allied power in World War 1?

This has been asked already but we will say it again: - England - France - Russia - Serbia - U.S. (joined in 1918)

What countries were in World War one?

The countries involved with World War I are as follows: Allied Powers: France, England, Russia, and United States Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire

Was America allied with England during World War 2?


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