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Q: Was General Yamashita justly convicted of the Manilla war crimes?
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How are those convicted of crimes usually punished?

Most people who are convicted of crimes are imprisoned.

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the executive branch (the president) can pardon people convicted of federal crimes.

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Who was the Japanese General During World War 2?

Yamashita General Hideki Tojo was a General in the Imperial Japanese Army. He also served as Prime Minister of Japan during a lot of World War II (October 18, 1941 - July 22, 1944). Tojo was sentenced to death for war crimes by the International Military Tribunal of the Far East after the end of World War II.Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto.He was the leader of the combined fleet but Yomashita is the main Japanese genaral.the general of the japanes military during ww2 was general YamamatoGEN Homma; GEN Yamashita; ADM Tanaka (one of their best fighting admirals).