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In many views, no. He didn't lead America [The United States] in a good way. Did he not start the war in Afghan? When you're a good leader, you don't start a war, and then leave your possion. He was a coward and so therefore, was not a good leader.

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Q: Was George Bush a good president in your opinion?
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Is George Bush really ugly?

That is a matter of opinion but I think george bush is actually good looking.

What was George Bush good at?

He was good at his Military job. And being a good president.

Do you think George W. Bush was a good president?

I personally do not think that George W. Bush was a good President, He got us into an ugly war that has had rippling effects for years.

Is George Bush a good person in your opinion?

yes Only Nazi hate him

What is a good character trait of president george w. bush?


Did Bill Clinton or George W. Bush cause the war?

no. Infact, George Bush was a good president. He didn't cause the war, he fought back.

Why did George W. Bush want to become president?

he wanted to prove to the world that he is a good president and father

Was George W. Bush a good or bad president?

He was a bad president!Got us into 2 wars, and a recession.

Why did George HW Bush win in 1988?

Aside from being a good man with a good plan, he was the Vice President under a very popular President, Ronald Reagan.

Was George W Bush a nice president?

Every president does some good things and makes some mistakes. In President Bush's case, the mistakes he made often overshadowed the good things he did.

What did George Bush accomplish?

George Bush accomplished many things like, becoming the 41st president and becoming Reagan's vice president and for being a good leader for the United States of America. He also went to serve for the United States Navy while his son George W. Bush also served for the Air Force, and that is what they accomplished

Who is the America precedent?

I am assuming you ment President. The United States of America President is currently George W. Bush, the president elect is Barack Obame. Good luck

What are some good things George W. Bush did as President?

He lowered taxes for people and helped support Israel

What did george walker bush do as president?

While I'm sure that George W. did some good things during his two terms as president, the ineptitude that colours his presidency far outweighs any good that he may have done. The man was a disaster.

How was the economy with George W. Bush?

Some people think good, some think bad, some think ok. This is a matter of opinion.

Is George Bush a good man?

What do you think? NO

Was President Gerald Ford a good president?

Whether Gerald Ford was a "good President" is a matter of personal opinion. Everyone has an opinion and no one has a "right answer."

How did president bush play a role in Nixon's resignation?

At the time of Nixon's resignation, George H.W. Bush was not yet President, but was Chairman of the Republican party. Despite having defended Nixon, when his guilt became evident, Bush formally requested that Nixon eventually resign for the good of the Republican party.

What caused George H. W. Bush to run for president?

He was the incumbent vice-president for the popular President Reagan. He was the heir-apparent , had a virtual lock on the nomination and seems to have a good chance of winning.

Who was the US President before Barack Obama?

George W. Bush was the United States President when Barack Obama was elected president in 2008. Bush was elected into office in 2000 against Al Gore and won a reelection in the 2004 presidential race against John Kerry.

Is cardboard a good insulator?

Yes it is. george w bush

Who would be a good secretary of offense?

George W. Bush

What did George W. Bush do good for America?

He bailed out the banks.

How is Barack Obama similar to George Washington?

George Washington and Barrack Obama are similar due to the fact that they are both taking on struggles as the U.S president. This is because neither of them had a previous leader who they can use as an example because as most people would consider, George W. Bush II was not a very good president.

Was George Washington a good leader?

That's an opinion, but I think he was.