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Q: Was Gerald Ford a good president or a bad one?
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How was Gerald R Ford as president?

he was good To improve this answer. . . he pardoned Nixon, this is up to you to decide if that was good or bad he saved taxpayers over $9.2 billion and was good for the economy so yes he was good

Did Gerald R ford have a bad childhood?

he did not

Why was Gerald Ford a bad president?

Cause he pardoned Nixon. wrong, that why he was considered a bad president, Nixon deserved to be pardoned, all he was doing was trying to keep the democrats in line

Did congress have power of approval over president Nixon's designation of Gerald Ford as his successor?

Yes but its a little more complicated than that, the congress and senate were both enthralled by Nixon. After all, he wasn't necessarily a bad president, he just did a stupid thing. Gerald Ford was his successor as determined when Nixon was put into presidency

What has the author Gerald Brennan written?

Gerald Brennan has written: 'The Good Bad Boy'

Was Theodore RFoosevelt a good president or a bad president?

some may think Theodore roosevelt was a bad president and some may think he was a good president it just matters who thinks he was a bad or good president.

Is the president of Kenya good or bad?


Is Obama a good President or bad President?

Good president. But he believes Muslim people.

What job did Gerald Ford have before he was elected president?

President of the United States. President Ford was one of five US Presidents who reached the office without being elected. He succeeded Richard Nixon as President when Nixon resigned in disgrace, after having become Vice President when Spiro Agnew resigned in disgrace. (It was a bad couple of years for Republicans.) Ford was then elected to a term of his own. Before becoming Nixon's second Vice President, Mr. Ford was Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives and a Congressman from Michigan.

What did Gerald r ford do bad as president?

His most costly move from a political standpoint was his pardon of Richard Nixon. Whether this was a bad act is a matter for debate. A Nixon trial would have been a circus for politicians that some people would have enjoyed and others hated.

Was George W. Bush a good or bad president?

He was a bad president!Got us into 2 wars, and a recession.

Did Abdul kalam as president good or bad?

Good. Not only good, Very good

Was Bill Clinton a bad president?

If you are looking for a good role model for married men, he was a lousy president. This is opinion, and there are many factors that would indicate that, as president, he was "not bad".

Was George Washington a good or a bad president?

Good because he helped save our country.

John Adams-was he a good president or a bad president?

John Adams was a great president. He stopped a war from happening with the French.

What would be like if the president should have unlimited powers?

It would depend on the President. It would also depend on how the president was chosen and how long his term lasted. A good president would be good and a bad president would be terrible.

Why would a 1991 Ford Ranger with a good battery not turn over?

Bad Starter....

Is the Ford truck better than the Dodge truck?

each has good and bad points,

How good is a ford Triton engine?

Not bad if you can just keep the spark plugs from blowing out.

1 good thing Woodrow Wilson did in office?

Nothing he was a bad president

What good thing and bad thing does Grover Cleveland did when he was president?

benjamin harrison

Did Samuel De Champlain do good things or bad things?

bad things, he stole ideas and money from the president

What has the author Gerald L Johnson written?

Gerald L. Johnson has written: 'Anna's Spring Sunshine' 'Visions and Lullabies' 'Bad Bosses, Bad Jobs, Fight Back!!!'

Is Nicolas Sarkozy a good president or a bad president?

A good according to his supporters, a bad according to his detractors. His popularity rating (, poll published on the 23rd of April, 2010) are 32% favorable and 65% against.

Was James Knox Polk a good president?

Yes. James Knox Polk was a President. He was the 11th.he may have been a president but he was a bad one he had slaves.